Marketing Automation

Automating personalized interaction at
scale and delivering a highly relevant
and meaningful message along each
step in your customer’s lifecycle.

Marketing Automation

Powerful Solutions for an Evolving Market.

Marketing automation involves using state-of-the-art software tools for automating several marketing processes, like sending messages and tracking prospects behavior, website visits. and their other related actions. Adoption of this kind of software among midsize and large organizations is growing rapidly, and is beginning to see widespread use among smaller businesses too. Using marketing automation helps by increasing prospect conversions to leads and leads into sales by up to 500% and often higher.

Effective implementation comes from partnerships with marketing automation companies or consultants with the experience to configure and manage these systems efficiently. Business services marketing automation and B2B marketing automation requires an even more specialized approach, when one considers the unique buyer personas and the sales-cycle stages involved in complex sales.

Benefits of marketing automation services

  • Maximized results of website launch
  • Improvement to existing digital marketing infrastructure
  • Optimized sales outsourcing programs

Implementing marketing automation successfully requires a deliberate and organized approach incorporating people, technology, processes, and content.

AdInfusion focuses on understanding every customer’s unique marketing and industry needs. Combining our services and products will help you to become more relevant, personalized, and engaged—improving communications and driving higher ROI to further your marketing efficiency.

AdInfusion’s marketing automation service offerings include:

  • Strategic planning and needs assessment
  • Workflows, lead nurturing, and lead management process mapping
  • Qualified lead evaluation – Sales and Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Yearly campaign development planning and admin
  • Google AdWords campaign automation
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Training
  • Platform Customization
  • Lead Scoring Systems
  • CRM integration

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