Affiliate Marketing

Learn How Affiliate Marketing Can Propel Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing has been one of the main growth proponents within the digital advertising industry. The future shines even brighter as more and more companies start realizing a strong performance-oriented approach to offer to affiliate partners should be an essential part of their online marketing strategy. Why, you ask? Forrester estimated the affiliate marketing industry would grow to $4 Billion by 2014, citing it as a low-risk, high-return strategy for online marketers.

Pay for Performance

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to manage your advertising budget. In most forms of advertising, regardless of the type of online media, businesses pay for their ad campaigns and hope for results. Whether sales increase or not, you have to pay for the advertising. Using Affiliate Marketing’s  pay for performance model, you are only paying when you get leads or sales, so there is no risk and the opportunity to achieve results.

More Control

By selecting and working on a performance metric, advertisers are offered complete control of their marketing budgets. Having the innate capacity to set the success factors of the marketing campaign yourself, you have complete freedom in deciding on conversion points, commission rates paid, marketing materials used and traffic sources allowed. It’s your company and your budget, so you decide where it is spent and only spend it when it works for you!


A successful performance marketing campaign is extremely scalable. As your campaign is producing profitable results, marketing budget can be re-invested into the campaign continuously, accelerating your growth and growing your online presence while taking minimum risks.

Fresh Perspective

By utilizing affiliates for your performance marketing efforts you effectively open up your proposition to a think tank of digital marketing experts. Most affiliate-marketers are seasoned online marketing experts who are able to find new marketing hooks, traffic sources and user demographics you probably never thought about.