Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Expert Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management driving traffic to your website and maximizing ROI

Are you frustrated from not getting the returns you were expecting from your PPC campaign? You’re not alone. The truth is that while many people use PPC to drive website traffic, most of them don’t understand the intricate details of effective PPC management for maximizing the ROI from their investment.

  • Drives organic traffic to your website
  • Increases your visibility and gets your website more visitors
  • Increases website conversions
  • Continually improves your digital presence by constant analysis and adjustments to strategy

Pay Per Click is a critical portion of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The PPPC online ad model uses ads uses ads that typically appear with search engine results to drive traffic to your website. Ads are built based on targeting keywords your customers use to search for you and you’ll pay only when ads are clicked on by users which is why it is called “Pay-Per-Click”.

Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business, or an enterprise corporation, all types of businesses benefit from PPC management strategies ran by SEM experts that regularly monitor PPC campaigns, optimizing the results and providing detailed reporting and analysis that is easy to understand and insightful. At AdInfusion, we deliver all of this and so much more.

AdInfusion Pay-Per-Click Services

  • Display Advertising: Online display advertising helps you better target your audience on the websites, blogs and social media sites they frequently visit. We will help you get your message directly in front of the audience youre seeking over a variety of targeted channels.
  • Remarketing Remarketing lets you show ads to individuals who have previously visited your website via tagging pages that correspond with particular categories or services you want to promote. We will help you stay engaged with your target audience by offering them highly relevant ads and offers as they browse the web.
  • Paid Social Media Advertising Paid social media ads help to create brand awareness, drive fan growth, build authority and more. We will create and test multiple advertisements, identify the best performing ads and optimize them for maximum ROI.
  • Product Listings Ads (PLAs) PLAs are search ads that include more comprehensive information about certain products, including product images, prices, and vendor name " without requiring additional keywords or ad text. We will create, implement and manage your PLAs to increase your search visibility and maximize your ROI.
  • Bing Ads Google AdWords isnt the only medium for pay per click advertising " Bing Ads can also be a highly lucrative avenue. We will help you create, implement and manage your Bing Ads account and campaigns.

The AdInfusion Pay Per Click Advantage

  • Traffic to your website Instantly
  • Increased click through rates for organic SEO
  • We handle management and implementation
  • Boost the amounts of targeted traffic to your website
  • Supplement organic SEO and integrate PPC seamlessly into your current Search strategy
  • AdInfusion manages ongoing research on paid search in cities throughout the USA

Why choose AdInfusion for PPC?

  • Experienced in PPC AdInfusion has consistently dominated the Northern California digital marketing landscape for two years running. Get your site found!
  • Our team is AdWords and Bing Ads certified PPC team members have advanced training in Google Adwords for Display, Advanced Search, and Reporting.
  • We use business goals to customize your PPC strategy We take the time to understand your business goals and objectives first and then customize your PPC strategy accordingly.
  • Transparency Fully-transparent and detailed reporting let you see exactly what keywords drive value, and what we're really paying for clicks on your behalf.
  • Our PPC Ad Copy converts! By testing and measuring results for 100s of clients across all verticals, we have developed advanced skills in creating high-performing copy and effective call to actions.
  • We attract targeted traffic We are experts at identifying the optimal keywords to attract targeted traffic.
  • We are SEO experts Our extensive expertise in SEO is a key advantage for all our PPC clients. We take a holistic and balanced approach by implementing a shared keyword strategy across all our SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • We have a proven track record of success is known for taking on poorly performing programs and deploying highly effective rehabilitation strategies to improve results and build strong, sustainable long-term campaigns.

Client Testimonials

“The service with AdInfusion vastly exceeded my expectation as far as getting ranked in my key areas for Google searches. Thank you and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with AdInfusion.”

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