Website Design Development

The Clock is Ticking! You have 3 seconds to engage new visitors on your site. We are here to ensure your visitors stay for longer, and also become customers.

Your webpage is the primary tool for communicating your brand image and capturing new potential clients, customers, and business relationships. Your website must be able to engage visitors and entice them to take specific “actions”

AdInfusion offers an assortment of web design and development services from website design to full website development. We have completed successful websites in a variety of different industries. We have the skill, experience, and creative ability to appeal to your sense of style and the talent  to code your dreams into reality.

  • we know why most websites fail to achieve their business goals.
  • We rely on proven methodology for each industry
  • You’ll be working with internet marketing experts

Why the Majority of Websites Fail

If your goal is to succeed at building a winning website, first you must know a few basic, important details concerning your sales strategy and intended audience: What’s your average visitor looking to find? Who’s your ideal prospect? Can you identify who is not? What’s the value of your potential customers – in the short term as well as in the future?

Those questions’ answers and several more will alter your website design, architecture, and content. Often times, this topic isn’t discussed or incorrect conclusions are shaped from incomplete facts or by relying on presumptions. Here are a few classic reasons why most websites fail miserably:

Indications of Trustworthiness

You will lose conversions if your website traffic doesn’t believe you are a reputable business. People using the web have been trained by their experiences (online and off) to seek out indications of trustworthiness. Some sample elements of trust indicators include third-party validation, professional looking website design and development, use of original graphics, secure icons, and signals of social adoption and sharing (tweets, +1s, likes, etc). We have conducted a multitude of tests to figure out what does work and what doesn’t work – and what can’t hurt!

Sending Mixed Messages

When the content on your site does not mesh with what you promised in your advertising and/or it doesn’t conform to what potential customers want. This is why we examine your customer base and digital marketing strategy to better appreciate their needs. Then we can craft a relevant message for your visitors. Context is critical to make advertising dollars deliver best return.

Web development defects

Much too often, the shortcuts front-end designers and back-end coders take leave your business and website customers suffering. Issues like web-browser and mobile-device compatibility, slow loading time, and broken links lead to a higher bounce rate (visitors leaving your site) This is why we adhere to strict website design principles that make our sites quick, compatible, and SEO ready.

Do those categories above describe your website? Contact us today to stop losing business online.