There's no simple recipe for running
ultra-successful PPC campaigns.

It requires intimate knowledge of Google & Bing’s ad platforms,
expert marketers who understand your business, and powerful
technology. We combine these elements perfectly creating the
secret sauce that generates our success.

PPC Management

Create Opportunity. Maximize Results. Meet SCORED.

Paid search, the most powerful and targeted advertising platform ever, is also a mature, hyper competitive market in which only the sharpest advertisers survive. We’ve developed our own proprietary methods tying together strategy, optimization, research and testing, propelling campaigns toward expansion via increased scope and efficiency.

What Do You Get With AdInfusion’s PPC Management?

  • Next Level Campaign Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis & Industry Research
  • ROI & Conversion Tracking
  • Extended Keyword Research
  • Lead, Sale, & Call Tracking
  • Campaign Tracking 24/7
  • Flexible, Customized Reporting
  • Exclusive Access to AdWords Betas
  • Detailed Human Analysis & Consulting
  • New Market Research & Exploration
  • Day Parting/Geotargeting
  • Canonicalization

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