Social Media Marketing

Generate Brand Awareness, Increase Traffic and Engage Your Users Utilizing Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Integrating Social Media Marketing into your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy and it is highly effective at managing the online reputation of your brand as well as driving significant traffic to your website . Additionally it creates awareness, exposure, and builds authority… while social signals such as Shares and Likes are quickly becoming a significant factor in improving your organic search rankings.

AdInfusion’s social media marketing experts will work with you at choosing the most relevant social media platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, & Pinterest) for your company… developing effective strategies that will help you in achieving your inbound marketing goals and objectives.

AdInfusion Social Media Marketing Advantages

  • Creates awareness for your content
  • Increases website traffic
  • Builds your authority as a content publisher
  • Improves search engine positioning
  • Increases understanding of customer thoughts and opinions
  • Allows your company to join the conversation
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Builds trust with your customers
  • Generates high quality leads
  • Engages customers and improves communication
  • More efficient use of marketing budget
  • Social Media Profile Optimization: A complete and optimized social media profile with proper page titles, descriptions, socially optimized blog installation, social alerts, custom Facebook tabs, tagging, keyword-rich posts, inbound linking, effective branding and custom graphics and functionality is the key to a great social media marketing campaign.
  • Premium Content Creation Sharing high quality content that provides significant value to your users is essential. We offer a number of premium content creation options to enhance your users experience. They include infographics, e-books, whitepapers, graphic tips and videos.
  • Paid Social Media Ads Social Media Ads drive fan growth and build email lists. Our strategy includes multivariate testing of multiple ad image and copy combinations on Facebook, identifying the best performing ads and then optimizing for lowest CPL (cost per like) or on-site conversions.
  • Blog posts Blogging is an effective marketing strategy. Impactful blog posts designed to build traffic and increase shares through compelling topics soundly based on keyword research will increase overall levels of engagement.
  • Social Contests Contests are an effective way to engage users and create awareness. We work with you to create a contest idea, develop custom graphics and functionality, promote it, measure performance and make adjustments to maximize the social reach of the contest.
  • Usability testing We measure initial impression of a brand and current sentiment from a social perspective. We determine how your social profiles and your competitors profiles are serving your potential customers. We identify opportunities to enhance your profiles to better serve your customers and turn your profiles into a more effective sales tool for your business
  • Comprehensive Reporting We track every social interaction – likes, shares, ad impressions, comments, virality and total reach to understand which posts work and increase engagement.

Why Choose AdInfusion for Social Media Marketing?

  • We offer unique SMM Strategy. Our strategy and approach is unique. Unlike others within our industry that focus exclusively on growing fans, AdInfusion believes that utilizing a strong content strategy is crucial to build long term, sustainable fan bases that hold real marketing potential.
  • We merge Inbound Marketing, Social Media and SEO Our wide experience in Inbound Marketing and SEO are key advantages for all our Social Media Marketing clients. Implementing an integrated closed-loop strategy ensures that your social media drives valuable traffic to your website while engaging your customer base at the same time.
  • Our holistic approach Our goal is to amplify and diversify your marketing effort. We focus on developing Inbound marketing fueled marketing campaigns by leveraging websites, social media, landing pages, PPC and SEO activities.
  • We have strong relationships with the major social networks! We often know which social media changes are on the horizon before they launch to the general public. This gives us a chance to be proactive, changing tactics and advancing strategies to take advantage of future features.
  • We use Social Media and PPC for maximizing results! We know exactly when and how specific social media ads should be deployed. We know what paid social networks to use for achieving your marketing targets.

Social Media Marketing Services

Word of mouth marketing is now more powerful than ever, where consumers are continuously embracing social media channels to get news, updates and offers from their favorite brands. At AdInfusion we understand the power of social media and the impact of how it is fundamentally changing the way we communicate, as well as the urgency for brands to make a substantial shift in their thinking about accepted business models. Adopting a social media campaign can help businesses amplify brand marketing and build trust with consumers.

By building custom branded Facebook landing pages, YouTube channels and Twitter skins, AdInfusion will work with you to build professional, polished pages that are aligned with current marketing goals, keeping our clients ahead of their competition. We also have the capability to create custom Facebook and Mobile apps to augment your social media campaigns and better engage your audience.

At AdInfusion we provide custom social media strategy campaigns and plans that range from consulting with your company, to full campaign  management.  These plans are designed to encourage the client to make the commitment to improving brand exposure on the social web.

Client Testimonials

“The service with AdInfusion vastly exceeded my expectation as far as getting ranked in my key areas for Google searches. Thank you and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with AdInfusion.”