B2B Website Design

We understand that the B2B industry is about building deep-rooted partnerships and streamlining costs, in addition to turning a profit.

Designing a Successful B2B Website

Understand Your Audience

The most effective designs for B2B websites exhibit an exclusive experience to its visitors, while addressing the concerns or questions of its ideal audience. Our talented design team has a comprehensive background in developing websites for B2B companies from a wide variety of industries. Regardless of what design approach your website takes, it needs to serve a purpose, and attract potential clients. You can use the creative aspects of your website to clearly broadcast what makes your business unique amongst your competitors, and what your company does. To successfully grow your brand online, you need to create a website that comprehends, and provides information and solutions to your prospective clients.

Professional Imagery & Photography

Any successful B2B company can tout the advantages of including high-quality, engaging, yet well-balanced imagery throughout their website. Strategic use of stunning visuals can help your company’s website carry a bigger impact than those of your competitors, but certainly should not be a distraction from the main goal of the website itself. Accomplishing this requires professional iconography and imagery, not stock images or generic graphics. Businesses that do use generic images on their websites tend to struggle with building the necessary credibility and legitimacy with prospective clients. Branding your iconography will be helpful in communicating the message and values of your brand, in addition to the services you offer. Using images like this will allow your company to provide a visual method of communication with your audiences without hijacking your website’s entire campus.

Quality User Experience

In the digital world we live in, reliance on mobile devices is steadily increasing, and it is vital for B2B websites to maintain a professional design that stays consistent across all devices. This means cultivating an enjoyable experience for your site’s visitors, regardless of which device they are using- mobiles, laptops, desktops, or tablets. A B2B website that offers a confusing or poor-quality presentation for mobile users will likely lose out on a large volume of potential leads that could have been converted if your website been optimized for responsiveness on mobile devices. This can be achieved by utilizing a mobile app, responsive design, or other mobile-friendly design tactics. Taking the time to make sure your clients can quickly and easily navigate your website, and that they have a positive, efficient user experience is always worthwhile.

Customer Service

The major objective for a B2B website is to attract new customers and get them to contact your business. For your potential clients to be able to hire you, your business must be accessible and approachable. An easy-to-use, or visually engaging contact form or live chat option will make it much easier for prospective clients to to interact with you, and even prevent them from opting to visit a competitor’s website instead. You need your potential customers to have access to all of the information and resources they need instantly upon landing on your site, and though some of these features may appear to be insignificant details, it is imperative that they be a main focus of any quality B2B website design.

Build Trust & Credibility

Prospective customers are driven to do business with a B2B company that represents themselves as trusted and reliable brand. A properly designed and formatted B2B web design has the ability to amplify the credibility of a business by providing positive testimonials from previous clients, current contact information, and even bios about your team. Successfully incorporating your company’s social media platforms into the design of your website is a smart ways to widen the reach of your company, and provide multiple ways for visitors to your website to gather more information about your company. Strategically combining all these elements will immediately communicate to users how trustworthy your brand is, while at the same time generating increased conversion rates and increased recognition of your brand.