Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced a new campaign yesterday called Todos Con Biden (Everyone With Biden)to help organize Latinx support for the former vice president. But theres just one little problem:The Biden campaign forgot to register theweb address,Facebook name, andTwitter handlefor the new initiative, allowing the Trump reelection campaign to scoop them up and use the accounts to spread anti-Biden messages.

Biden spent Wednesday talking about his new Latinx outreach campaign in Iowa and Pennsylvania, but anyone who visitstodosconbiden.comis nowgreeted with a message that reads, Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos in both English and Spanish. The buttons on the pagelead to a campaign called Latinos For Trump, and a notice in the lower left corner reads, Paid for by Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.

But its not just the web address. The Biden campaign didnt secure the Facebook nameand Twitter handle either, which are nowcontrolled by the Trump campaign. The Twitter account includes clips of Biden saying things like We need family separation and Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, just two of countless gaffes Biden has made.

Forgetting to register a domain is an embarrassing oversight for the Biden campaign, which seems to be stuck in the 1990s.

Amazingly, the Biden campaign isnt taking the web address mixup as a strategicloss and simplymoving on. Instead, Bidens campaign is calling the domain purchase a childish move, rather than a pretty standard campaign tactic here in the 21st century.

But dont take my word for just how bad Bidens online strategy clearly is. Bidens YouTube announcement of the Todos con Biden campaign from yesterday has just755 viewsas of this writing. Thats not a typo. Bidens video has 755 views, roughly equivalent to a tutorial onhow to clean carpets in an Audi. In fact, the randomcarpet cleaningvideo has been up for even less time than Bidens videoand still has the same number of views.

Bidens digital outreach is pathetic and Trump is already spendingmillions online. It doesnt really matter that a whopping 50 percent of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office. As we saw in 2016, Trump doesnt need a majority of Americans to vote for him.

Trump lost by almost 3 million votes inthe popular vote andU.S. elections are a game that can be rigged through online disinformation campaigns and the Electoral College. Without a serious online strategy, Biden could easily hand Trump the election.

The Biden campaign can call Trumps strategy childish all day long, but Bidens advisors need to pull their heads out of their asses if they want to catch up with Trumps digital campaign. Step One: Anytime you announce a new initiative make sure you buy the domain first. It takes just 30 seconds and maybe 15 bucks.