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It takes you years to build a good reputation… and now it can be destroyed online in seconds! That’s why it’s critical to take consistent, proactive steps to mitigate future negativity before it starts, no matter how good your reputation is right now. It could change in an instant if you’re not on top of it.

By working to proactively mitigate negativity, usually through the strengthening of your brand’s existing online content or addressing potential negative content creation, the potential effect and frequency of negative content being produced in the future can be reduced.

Your initial reaction typically isn't the best way to solve your problem

When first noticing negative search results, you shouldn’t react by leaving comments or contacting site owners in outrage, both of these can make the situation worse. You also cannot really just contact Google — search engines don’t really work like that. But there is lots that you can do. Read on to learn how we remove negative search results from Google.

Can you remove content from the internet?

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The most forward and lasting way at removing bad search results from Google is completely removing them from the web. Deleting the content means Google no longer has the negative result on display, and anyone who does a search for your name won’t be able to see it. But, getting content deleted from the Internet is far easier said than done.

Internet links are categorized two ways: profiles or websites you control and own, and ones you don’t. It’s obviously a lot easier to remove a link on a website you own – but if it’s a negative link you don’t own that web property. Assuming whatever websites or domains you own work to support positive search results for your business, since an issue with your own website would suggest larger problems then bad search results.

When you are dealing with negative search results, they are on websites out of your control. This means you have to enlist professionals for help in removing negative content. This approach is the most effective, since removing pages completely from the web is better than removing it from Google or burying it under other search results.

First, you can try contacting the website owner by email, but do so under professional advisement to ensure you don’t cause any additional harm. Whatever your approach, be polite and personal. It’s also important to understand that you may be completely ignored: website owners may not be sympathetic, or not even see your email at all.

While social media and the internet create an accessible platform for anyone with a connection to the internet, there is one downside. All it can take is one bad status update or blog post from an angry ex, disgruntled former client, employee – OR EVEN YOU to ruin your business reputation. Even questionable photos can wreck an otherwise pristine reputation. Bad results happen to good people all the time. So what can you do to fix your reputation if this happens to you?

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SEO content needs to be optimized for leads and your conversion funnel must cater to an individual based on the stage of your funnel that they are in.

This is because SEO is not an isolated practice to be used solely for increasing organic traffic. SEO should work to support lead generation and nurturing efforts by helping provide potential buyers with the exact information they need in the exact moment that they need it.

In order to completely delete negative content from Google’s search results, it has to be very sensitive or slanderous information, or you need access to a webmaster who is also willing to help, which is not likely if they published it in the first place. This makes removing content nearly impossible.

Burying negative content deep in the search results is another option, which significantly reduces it’s visibility and impact on your reputation.

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Now some people might be wondering about organic competition against all the ads showing up more and more on Google. It’s a fact Google’s been serving more ads on the first page of the SERPS.


Over 70% of users ignore the paid ads and instead focus on the organic results, according to imFORZA.

And SEO levels the playing field. Even the smallest company can rise up the ranks — it’s a game that anyone can play.

Remember that working to push down or bury Google search results is an ongoing process, so even when start seeing positive results, it’s crucial for you to remain active on social media and that you keep updating your site regularly. There are many ways to improve your online presence, and we’ll cover a lot of ground throughout this process.

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