Fast Results for Diamond Head Windows

Part I. The Problem

Diamond Head Windows is a window replacement company located in Rancho Cordova, CA. Diamond Head contacted AdInfusion because they had a big problem, the same one that most of our new clients are facing when they contact AdInfusion to help them adopt inbound marketing.

They were beginning to discover that buyers today are connected to a wealth of information unlike anything before this time. Potential customers can browse reviews, comparison shop, and engage people they have never talked to: all online, on their terms, on their own personal timeline. This became a major challenge: Diamond Head Windows saw this strategy as an increasingly costly form of lead generation coupled with a significant decrease in their outbound marketing tactics that used to perform so well in the past.

Diamond Head had to make a decision: they either had to keep burning more and more money on the problem or they need to find a new approach. Diamond Head Windows knew that potential customers were searching online for window replacement companies, but their competitors websites were ranking and they weren’t being found online.

Part II. The Solution

Diamond Head Windows hired AdInfusion to get them in front of those people that were searching for keywords specifically related to their business. They knew how important it was to adopt an inbound marketing strategy to attract relevant traffic to their website and they were confident that AdInfusion could deliver results quickly.

AdInfusion worked with Diamond Head Windows and determined keywords their customers were searching for. Diamond Head Windows had almost no traffic coming to their website, since they were not on the front page for any of these keywords.


Once our strategy was in place, we applied an aggressive strategy to deliver SEO results quickly for Diamond Head Windows. In March 2014 when we began the SEO campaign, Diamond Head Windows was on Page 2, 3, and 4 for all of their keywords.

Within 2 weeks, the SEO friendly content we created for Diamond Head Windows was beginning to rank. Within 5 weeks Diamond Head Windows was on page 1 for all of their target keywords.

That was definitely a good sign, but first page rankings help generate something more important for your business: increased traffic.

4 months after hiring AdInfusion, Diamond Head Windows traffic had increased by over 250%.

Search engine traffic was their top source of new visitors. Google Analytics showed us that it was their highest quality traffic as well, because their organic traffic had the lowest bounce rate, and the most page views per visitor, suggesting higher engagement levels.

Ensuring that our clients are growing at a rate that is measurable and provides qualified, profitable leads is always our top priority.

Several potential clients have discovered this review left by Diamond Head Windows, and questioned us about it. We use the truth as a powerful sales tool, and many clients have hired us because of the fantastic results we’ve delivered for previous clients.

If you’d be happy with a 250% increase in traffic after a couple of months… then we should talk.