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Lead Generation SEO: Attracting More High Quality Organic Leads to Your Website

How do you use SEO to help with your lead generation? We’re happy to provide a summery of how we do it. But first take warning! If you’re ignoring SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an awesome opportunity for getting high qualified leads that search online for exactly what you’re selling. And the better you rank on the search engines for competitive keywords, the more organic leads you’ll generate.

So AdInfusion will help increase visibility to your website. We’ll position your site on top of the search engines – and this increases the likelihood that someone clicks on your site. Once they get there, we show your visitors that you understand what they are looking for – that your content educates them with relevant content and funnels them to a call to action. Combining high quality traffic with a great call to action that leads to a high-performance landing page. That’s the recipe for successful lead generation SEO.

How We Use SEO to Funnel More Leads to Your Website

At first glance, search engine optimization (SEO) may not seem to have any connection with lead generation online. Upon closer inspection, you’ll learn how your website performs online is tied directly to the amount of qualified leads you generate.  How does your SEO  impact your lead generation?

Generating quality leads isn’t easy. In fact, a survey of B2B Technology Marketing Community, said this is the toughest challenge for B2B marketers. As a result, half of those marketers, according to the same source, said they will see their lead generation budgets increased this year.

This can mean one thing only — the competition for leads is only going to get tougher.

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When you stop to examine the sales funnels of successful websites, you’ll realize there is one traffic source that consistently will convert a person all the way from a visitor to a customer – and this is organic traffic .

And shifting your strategy towards accommodating more organic growth leads to a increases in site traffic, lead conversion, and sales inquiries.

If you nurture organic searchers properly, they have a high rate of close:

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

With SEO leads you will spend less time showing them that they indeed need your product, instead focusing on how and why you are the top choice.

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Now some people might be wondering about organic competition against all the ads showing up more and more on Google. It’s a fact Google’s been serving more ads on the first page of the SERPS.


Over 70% of users ignore the paid ads and instead focus on the organic results, according to imFORZA.

And SEO levels the playing field. Even the smallest company can rise up the ranks — it’s a game that anyone can play.

A large part of SEO for lead generation is having a meaningful conversation with your prospects. There are several different ways to do this.

The truth is, you don’t always need paid strategies and complicated methods to acquire potential customers.

But first you should figure out what you goals to accomplish through your content will be. Consider your intent. Do you want to raise your brand’s awareness? To educate readers on the best market tips or trends?

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SEO content needs to be optimized for leads and your conversion funnel must cater to an individual based on the stage of your funnel that they are in.

This is because SEO is not an isolated practice to be used solely for increasing organic traffic. SEO should work to support lead generation and nurturing efforts by helping provide potential buyers with the exact information they need in the exact moment that they need it.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is not just to increase site traffic or improve your visibility in search engines. You’re reading this page because you want help with SEO lead generation. While its true that improved visibility and higher traffic leads are the building blocks necessary for building or improving solid, revenue-increasing conversions, and encouraging your existing customers to return to your brand over and over again.

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Successful inbound marketing – attracting all three: visitors, leads, and customers, – is not just about putting content on your website. You have to incorporate the right content – that which answers your personas’ questions, speaks to their needs, and guide them at their own pace, through a specific buyer’s journey. In terms of content that increases your organic visit-to-lead conversion rate, it must accomplish three things.

  1. It has to be optimized for the right keywords so that it can be found via organic search.
  2. It must speak to the specific needs and interests of those users. This means that it should answer the questions this user has at the beginning of their buying process – and is ideally, awareness stage content.
  3. You must include CTAs for follow-up offers that are directly related to whatever content you ranked and that is interesting for someone looking to learn more about your topic.

Rankings you can see. Experience you can trust.