Print Design

Your print marketing materials are the only remnants of your company that are left behind after a meeting. Make sure that they pass the test.

Which Elements Are Key For Effective Print Design?

Strategic Storytelling

Design is as much about presenting the visual itself as it about providing an emotional experience that connects your potential clients to your brand.

Beautifully designed printed materials should solicit a very “human” response among your audience – compelling them to feel, learn, or think about a certain topic. In order to achieve this, there must be a substantial volume of graphic design planning that happens before anyone puts pen to paper. Being one of the premier graphic design and digital marketing agencies, our specialists are able to conceptualize the goals of your printed design, and create a beautiful, unique design that amplifies your brand’s message and values.

Simple, Effective Layout

Print designs that are cluttered or too busy can be confusing, distracting, or even a real disconnect between your target audience and your brand’s values and messages.
When it comes to graphic design, simplicity is vital, regardless of the platform being utilized. Elegant, tidy layouts with succinct messaging and an precise use of whitespace are more effective in attracting potential clients and connecting them with your company.

User-Friendly Copy

When publishing text-heavy printed materials, it is imperative to remember that massive chunks of text can be intimidating to readers, and potentially ignored altogether.
Using images, or breaking up large blocks of text with bullet points and very concise sentence structure will ensure that your content becomes as readable as possible. The font or typeface you select can affect how easy or difficult it is to read your publications, and needs to be considered as well. Particularly with printed collateral such as letterheads or business cards, and make sure your selection is in an appropriate style and size.

Core Messaging

Your printed designs need to focus on the advantages that your clients will receive from your services or products, and clearly communicate your brand’s values and message.

It is vital to keep the message simple, yet make sure it directly corresponds to your brand’s value and image. Whether you are designing a flyer, newsletter, or company brochure, the benefits you are offering to potential clients should be obvious from your printed content.