Publication Website Design

Enhance your company with an online experience that that delights and converts your potential client while improving brand loyalty.

Designing a Successful Publication Website

Subscriptions & Purchasing Options

As a company focused on print, consumers must be able to access your content whether that means subscribing to your publication, or purchasing your products and services. Different forms of navigation that lead viewers to these prompts should be implemented into your website layout so that consumers who are returning can find what they are looking for with ease, while new consumers can be lead to the merchandise and services that you offer organically. This allows potential viewers to become a part of your online audience, and find what they are looking for without difficulty.

Know Your Readers

Knowing who your audience is off the web is a fantastic way to design a website that will adequately cater to them online. A publication website enables you to reach new people and grow your audience through a digital platform. You can present viewers with design elements, additional resources, and media that bridge the gap between print and your website. This not only creates an online community that connects people through the common interest of your products or services, but also maintains the interests of existing readers and fans.

Responsive Design

Your website acts as the digital core of your company. Even if print media is where your company solely operates, the necessity of a digital presence should not be neglected. Travelers, commuters and standard consumers need to be able to efficiently learn more about your products, brand and services on both desktop and mobile platforms through a website design that is responsive. Viewers have come to expect access to digital media on all platforms which makes it important for your company’s website to adhere to those expectations.

Articles & Resources

Viewers should be able to easily locate the information that they need, without diminishing from the aesthetics of the design of your website. Feature popular articles and best sellers, or guide viewers to landing pages where they can find content related to their interests. Provide location-based navigation components so that consumers can locate a retailer close to them where they are able to purchase your products and services. These design components can give viewers the knowledge they are looking for while also keeping them engaged and interested with your brand.

Balances Content & Imagery

A website dedicated to print and news is going to be filled with dense writing and bold content. While it is important that your publication showcase this work, design and layout cannot be ignored. Rather than presenting too much information at once, implement intriguing calls to action that motivate visitors to “learn more”. This enables you to feature some work, while organically leading viewers throughout the rest of your website. Implementing unique components into your pages will add value to your brand, and also create a more engaging viewer experience.