Real Estate Website Design

Amplify your brand with a spectacular real estate website design that will accelerate you forward.

Designing a Successful Real Estate Website

Responsive Design

Having a website that responds to accommodate the different formats of devices your potential clients may be using is crucial, and allows them to complete their objectives online. A responsive website design provides visitors with a consistent experience across all channels , devices and platforms, and the ability to navigate simply and efficiently into and around their account. The responsiveness of your website will amplify the message of your brand across a wider audience, and attract even more potential customers-regardless of the device they are using.

Professional Imagery

Clients need to be able to view a property virtually and get a clear understanding of whether or not it will suit their needs before scheduling a physical viewing. This necessitates setting their expectations and highlighting your available properties through attractive, high-quality imagery. These images provide your potential clients with sufficient information to develop an interest in a property, and enough intrigue to contact you for further information. Integrating this imagery into the design of your real estate website is a vital first step in converting a web visitor into a client.

Custom Search Options

Enable potential clients to find precisely what they are looking for by incorporating custom-designed search features into the design of your website. Tailored to specific amenities, transportation needs, budgets, and location clients need to be able to sort through and refine property listings simply and conveniently on your site. Integrating interactive design features such as “favorites”,” or maps can help visitors to your website categorize their interests into a customized list that is simple to understand, and provides them with a superior user experience on your website.

Prominent Contact Information

When you have business in any stage, you want to make yourself accessible to people in order to grow your audience and your credibility. Whether it is potential customers, business partners, or media outlets that want to get in contact with you, they should be able to do so easily based on the information and resources included in the design of your website. Have your location clearly displayed on a map, and list any contact information that can connect people to your office or an individual representative of your company. This helps your audience gain the information necessary to understand what you do, while learning how they can benefit from working with your business.

Regional Content

Providing visitors with useful content about the area surrounding a property listing can play a large role in helping them make a purchase. You want to present detailed information about the neighborhood, schools, and nearby attractions in order to give a full view of what the community around a home is really like. With a proper design strategy in place, you can integrate this content into the navigation of your website in a way that does not distract from the overall user experience.