Start-up Website Design

Starting an virtual business? We have aided many successful start ups on their journeys, and we can help you navigate each step of the process.

Designing a Successful Start-up Website

Build a Brand

Creating a solid branding foundation for your startup company is essential to its digital growth. The design of your website is the launch pad for all other branding efforts both on and offline, and it needs to have the necessary features to help grow your audience. Prominent taglines and logos, combined with consistent messaging and colors, are the details that establish the visual representation of your business. Multimedia such as video and imagery showcasing your company in action are great ways to provide sharable content that demos your product or services. Each of these branded visual elements will help communicate who you are and what you do.

Keep it Simple

The design of your website should be simplified and easy to understand. As a startup company, your service or product should be clear to visitors from the moment they arrive on your page. Your design can visually communicate enough about your business to harness the interest of your audience without them having to navigate too deeply into the website. Once you have their attention, then you can encourage them to explore. Use the imagery and simple messaging in your website’s design to establish what it is that you do, and what makes you different from competitors in your industry.

Feature Contact Information

As a business that is in its earlier stages, you want to make yourself accessible to people in order to grow your audience and your credibility. Whether it is potential customers, business partners, or media outlets that want to get in contact with you, they should be able to do so easily based on the information and resources included in the design of your website. Have your location clearly displayed on a map, and list any contact information that can connect people to your office or an individual representative of your company. This helps your audience gain the information necessary to understand what you do, while learning how they can benefit from working with your business.

Establish Credibility

To grow your business online, you need to establish a level of trust and credibility within your audience. Testimonials, case studies, and press coverage are all features that can be incorporated into your website design to help validate your startup company to visitors and potential customers. Before someone can choose to do business with you, they need to know that they can trust your brand and the work that you produce. Having a professional interface with all of these resources readily available will build your online credibility, and your reputation as an organization.

Include a Responsive Design

Your website should help you build up a diverse audience. However, it can act as a roadblock if you do not have a fully-functioning responsive design. You want to maximize the number of people who can find your business online, and that requires making yourself accessible at all times from any and all devices. Having a strong mobile presence is essential now more than ever, and as a modern startup company, you want to make sure that your website design stands out as a leader within your industry.