Overnight success, in general, is unfeasible and practically impossible. In 2018, an “instant gratification” mindset has taken over, and this mindset can make a difference in how HVAC companies approach successful digital marketing.

The fantasy of overnight success is frequently sold by marketing agencies to HVAC companies in countless ways, and this myth stubbornly refuses to go away. HVAC companies, especially, are particularly susceptible to falling prey to these schemes, since they may not be as internet-savvy as those in other industries.

Does your company believe any of these digital marketing myths for HVAC companies?

Do any of the following HVAC SEO myths apply to you or your HVAC company?

There’s a “top” of Google — and your HVAC business can get there.

There is a number one ranking position for any particular Google search initiated, but there is no “top” of Google.

If you initiate a search for a generic keyword phrase like “HVAC New Jersey,” the results will vary from browser to browser, from one time of the day to another, from location to location, from device to device, from the day of the week to another, and etc.

Prospective customers will also have a similar search experience.

Assuming that potential HVAC customers initiate a search for generic keyword phrases like the one above is also making the assumption the searcher already knows they need the services of an HVAC company, which is rarely true. Prospective customers often initiate searches by asking specific and detailed questions about their problems to search engines. Most search engine users write like they speak, enter there search queries in unique ways, and its corresponding search engine results will be completely unique, as well.

Another similar myth is that it is possible to achieve a top ranking in just a matter of weeks for popular HVAC term. (keep in mind that customers do not usually search for popular key words). For such keywords, the competition is huge and the costs of entering such competition can quickly drain your budget. If your HVAC company has chosen “disposable” marketing methods like PPC, then you have most likely experienced the competition for such popular HVAC keywords that can quickly amount to a massive bill.

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Such intense competition makes it nearly impossible for a brand-new HVAC company website to rank organically in such a short time span. If you do wish to enter the competition and take on the costs associated with it through disposable advertising, be ready to empty your pockets onto very huge expenses to compete for visitors who may actually not be a qualified fit for your HVAC company nor bother to even click on your ads–and the cost to you is the same regardless of whether the individual clicking on your ad contacts your firm or not.

Trying to compete for these expensive keywords are not the most effective search engine optimization strategies for HVAC companies.

There are a few small HVAC companies that accomplish the high rankings for popular HVAC keywords, but it is usually because they are publishing lots of informational, original content relevant to those particular keywords with additional long-tail keywords and phrases.

A smaller HVAC company may not be in a position to compete for a term like “AC Repair California” through PPC and disposable marketing, for example, but the by planning some effective SEO strategies for HVAC companies, they can compete for searches on similar and related topics by publishing a significant quality of content to address issues like:

“My AC is not working. How can I self-diagnose this problem?”
“Do I have to get an AC tuneup?”

Timely, and informative content that offers significant value directly influences successful digital marketing for HVAC companies. When HVAC companies create and publish such content regularly and consistently, it ensures that search engines are revisiting the company’s website to assess and index that new content. The more content you provide to search engines, the more it has to offer to your potential customers when they initiate searches.

The more pages you create for your HVAC Company’s website, the better you’ll do in search engine rankings

This HVAC marketing myth not only is false, but has the potential to severely damage your HVAC company’s online presence.

More does not always equal better in terms of the number of pages for search engine rankings. Yes, there are numerous large HVAC company websites that are ranking successfully. Some HVAC company websites even have over a thousand pages! However, these HVAC websites are ranking well because each page is filled with helpful, valuable content for your potential customers. These HVAC companies have a consistent pattern established for regularly publishing high-quality content. And these pages are not slapped together in a hurry–they are carefully and deliberately crafted to offer useful information that potential customers will consider valuable.

A website can be considered “large” or “small” in the quantity of the pages it has, but slapping up additional pages without the support of high-quality content could lead to your HVAC company website’s collapse. Publishing page after page lacking informative, high-quality content will not have any value to your potential customers. So this approach is highly unlikely to increase the search engine rankings of of your HVAC company. In fact, it could possibly even damage your HVAC company’s rankings.

According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines:

“One of the most important steps in improving your site’s ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information that includes relevant keywords, used appropriately, that indicate the subject matter of your content.”

However, some webmasters try to enhance their pages’ ranks and attract additional visitors by publishing pages with little to no original and valuable content. Such activities of putting together scraped or cookie-cutter pages that fail to offer any value to users violate Google’s guidelines and Google will penalize such domains.

Confused about what’s fact and fiction in online HVAC Company marketing?

At AdInfusion, we know that a successful digital marketing campaign for a HVAC company requires remarkable content. We can show HVAC companies how to reliably expand their HVAC company’s reach and business through content-based marketing while avoiding unnecessary expenses of wasted resources– including time and money–on tactics that do not bring results for their HVAC companies.

There is no “top” of Google, but there are many of potential customers with issues your HVAC company provide solutions for. When you target those individuals, you can provide much valuable information that will increases their chances of hiring you.

There are no deceptive tactics or quick tricks that will enhance your rankings in a search engine’s results. “Overnight success” just doesn’t exist. If you’re not sure about what’s real — and what are really effective digital marketing tactics for HVAC companies — let’s talk about how to improve your HVAC company’s digital marketing. Contact us today! 916-798-5707