Content Marketing

Why You Need Content Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics don’t work nearly as well as they once were. The modern consumer today primarily researches their purchases online when they consider buying products and services, so they rely much less on intrusive traditional media. Even when traditional media does spark our interest in products or services, we are still more likely to research theese products online before buying.

Performing this research means learning the answer to these many questions we’ll have before arriving at the ultimate decision of whether to purchase. Questions like:

  • what do I need to know to make an informed decision about this product/service
  • what are all the features and options?
  • in what situations are certain features useful and necessary?
  • how does one company or product compare with another :
    ◦ quality wise
    ◦ feature wise
    ◦ price wise?
  • can I trust this company?
  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of this product/service/company?
  • is delivery available?
  • what have others said about this company?
  • has the company dealt with anyone else I know?

The better companies answers questions like these with the content they provide online, the more they position themselves to win over new customers. Meanwhile, the higher the quality of this content, means a higher possiblity for it to Be Found by many more prospects since:

  • it 'earns' you a better ranking on major search engines, plus
  • it will get shared with higher frequency on social media

Finally, content is unlike any other type of media since content is the one form that demonstrates compounding results, always building upon your previous effort, and never ceases to produce results once it stops.

“content is the only media form that compounds results, and never ceases to produce results once it stops”

  • We offer unique SMM Strategy. Our strategy and approach is unique. Unlike others within our industry that focus exclusively on growing fans, AdInfusion believes that utilizing a strong content strategy is crucial to build long term, sustainable fan bases that hold real marketing potential.
  • We merge Inbound Marketing, Social Media and SEO Our wide experience in Inbound Marketing and SEO are key advantages for all our Social Media Marketing clients. Implementing an integrated closed-loop strategy ensures that your social media drives valuable traffic to your website while engaging your customer base at the same time.
  • Our holistic approach Our goal is to amplify and diversify your marketing effort. We focus on developing Inbound marketing fueled marketing campaigns by leveraging websites, social media, landing pages, PPC and SEO activities.
  • We have strong relationships with the major social networks! We often know which social media changes are on the horizon before they launch to the general public. This gives us a chance to be proactive, changing tactics and advancing strategies to take advantage of future features.
  • We use Social Media and PPC for maximizing results! We know exactly when and how specific social media ads should be deployed. We know what paid social networks to use for achieving your marketing targets.

Why Hire AdInfusion for Content Marketing

Yes content is at the core of digital media and inbound marketing, but content alone isn’t enough. Instead, your content strategy must incorporate all available types of content which has to be developed with your business objectives in mind. Gone are the days of merely blogging content is about so much more than that.

AdInfusion uses our proven inbound strategy that allows us to identify which questions prospects are asking, answers their questions, and guides them to their decision to doing business with you! In essence, AdInfusion’s Content Strategy is designed to answer questions at all the stages of their buying process, then ultimately ‘earning’ a prospect’s business.

Our content strategy was designed for improving the effectiveness of the other strategies your company uses. AdInfusion’s systems are designed specifically for uniting each element of a company’s marketing within combined marketing strategies. In fact, when implemented in conjunjction with other types of media, AdInfusion’s Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing solution provides purpose and structure for other advertising medias, while supercharging their effects.

AdInfusion creates all different types of content including service/product pages, blog postings, whitepapers, e-books, images, articles, infographics, newsletters, press releases, video, contests, primary research, podcasts and more. Different kinds of content has its own weaknesses and strengths, thus it will have a different role in your overall content strategy.

AdInfusion is Focused on RESULTS. Therefore, AdInfusion is channel agnostic. If social media drives more sales and conversions than search or radio, then we shift resources towards content and social.

Client Testimonials

“The service with AdInfusion vastly exceeded my expectation as far as getting ranked in my key areas for Google searches. Thank you and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with AdInfusion.”