Sacramento Social Media Marketing

Successful marketing campaigns start with insightful planning and research to identify KPIs and ensure unique brand goals are met.

We know that social media management can be time-consuming and costly to try to execute completely in-house. That’s where an experienced Sacramento social media agency can come in and help supplement your team’s resources and further build your social media presence. Whether you haven’t done any social media marketing yet, or you already have a great foundation to build upon, our team of social media consultants is here to help.

We'll Use Social Media for Engaging

Your Audience & Increasing Sales

Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing provides a great advantage for targeting a brand’s target audience. There are numerous  techniques that can be used for efficiently reaching your ideal audience:

Channels for Social Media Integration

Account Login / Registration

Twitter Connect
Google Connect
Facebook Connect / Open Graph

Community Building

Google Friend Connect
Facebook Friend Connect

Onpage Content

Facebook Profile Badge
Twitter Status RSS Feeds
Google Profile

Examples of Social Media Integration


A fitness blog wishes to better connect its users to each other and make it easier for them to login and share stories and comments with the rest of the world.


AdInfusion connects both Twitter Connect & Open Graph (formally called Facebook Connect) which allows a user to log in with either platform. Now it’s easy for users to “Like” stories, which notifies their friends automatically. Readers can also connect with other Facebook users who read similar stories.

Social Media Process

Learn about the client's company, websites, social media presences, and competition providing clear documentation to be used throughout every other stage of their projects.

Project Brief

Gather clients data and identify company goals, along with all necessary information for providing appropriate documentation for all social media marketing efforts

Audience Research

Use advertising tools for identifying audiences based on interests, keywords, and influences and behavior

Competitive Analysis

Identify competition throughout every social media platform, learn the networks they use based on client interviews and industry keyword research

Social Audit

Create baselines for current social performance based ob social media monitoring and analytics data

Build a complete project plan and Social Media Marketing strategy that effectively details deliverables and clearly defines measurable business goals for social media profiles and sharable content

Profile Strategy

Create action plans and a social media strategy to optimize or build engagement for profiles

Engagement Strategy

Create user engagement rules for inside and outside of the client’s social community. Develop influencer outreach plan for leveraging their networks to distribute content

Measurement Planning

Produce measurable long term and short term goals for marketing on social media and determine performance of campaigns

Content Strategy

Create content calendars that highlight the content that will be used for each social media campaign, aligned with company brand

Advertising Strategy

Develop budgets and advertising plans for networks that are appropriate. Make sure to define the object of each portion of the plan, whether that is lead generation, conversions, community engagement, community growth, or something else

Reach campaign goals by implementing processes from the Content Strategy & Profile Strategy phases

Brief Content Implementation

Following social media marketing best practices, apply the content strategy while distributing content to chosen platforms

Advertising Implementation

Launch ad campaigns aligned with social media strategy and promoting brand recognition. If necessary, make strategy adjustments to stay within client’s budgets

Community Management

Social media management tactics follows our engagement strategies allowing for engagement and interaction with users and influencers

Provide regular reporting that includes analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, and goal tracking and adjust project plan based on results

Monthly Performance Report

Define client information and business goals, along with all required information to create appropriate documentation for all social media marketing efforts

Quarterly Review

Comprehensive overview of social media campaigns and adjustments to the project plan based on the results found on each social media platform

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