Email Marketing

Make the most of your list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.

Our Email Marketing Approach

Email Marketing Process

Data Collection & Audience Research

Knowing the details of your email recipients is allows for catering towards their attitude, expectations and culture.

Try gathering as much relevant data about your audiences as possible from  email signup forms. A few pieces of information you could ask for include, company, job titles, and location. It’s important that you only collect the data you need to segment your email marketing campaign, since asking for too much data decreases your email signup rate.

Analyze Goals & Objectives

Most of your recipient list spends no more than a few seconds when reading your emails, so it’s crucial that your campaigns are designed with cohesive messaging and engaging content that compels them to take the next step.

Whether you’re selling products or your email marketing campaign supplies informational resources, if you want to grab your recipients’ attention and direct them towards your desired action you have to chose one single focus. Too many different calls to action and unrelated content has the affect of causing a user to stray away from accomplishing the email’s intended task.

Email Design

We structure and design your email to cater towards your audience and your goals. By thoughtfully placing supporting images and a strong call to action, we help your campaign produce results.

Triggering clicks and driving traffic to your site is the primary goal of an email. When they get there, it’s important for subscribers’ expectations to be fulfilled and to use a landing page that reflects whatever is advertised by the email. Offering users a consistent experience for your customers throughout your whole campaign allows the experience to drive conversions.


People hate getting irrelevant emails. We send messages to users they want that address their specific needs via analytics, past user activity and segmentation.

Our email marketing solutions are always focused on driving results. We thoroughly analyze findings and aim to understand user behavior surrounding email campaigns, and use our insights to develop an approach that best fits the needs of your brand and users. This phase of the process is a critical component of an effective email marketing strategy as it helps to identify what’s working best and where there may be areas for improvement.

Analysis & Reporting

To make sure that the highest percentage of subscribers open and click-through your email campaign, we will find the optimal time and frequency to distribute campaigns.

Driving results – that’s what you get from our email marketing solution. We analyze findings thoroughly and work towards better understanding behavior patterns of users interaction with email campaigns, then we use our insights for developing an approach that works to fit what your users and brand need. This phase of the process is a crucial park of any email marketing strategy as it helps to figure out what works best and identify which parts need to be improved.

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