When discussing search engine optimization (SEO), many accountants get stuck as to where to begin. Many think that they need to pay for outside help, but a hurried choice in an SEO agency can be a very expensive waste of time. Others still decide to tackle their SEO without any help, which is a great idea, if they take the right approach. With so many SEO methods and conflicting theories out there, its no wonder that many accounting firms find SEO to be a confusing subject.

Still not sure where to begin?

In this article, we suggest three effective SEO tips for accounting firms that you can’t afford to miss – each one has the ability to boost your search engine optimization efforts to a whole new level.

Effective Digital Marketing for Accountants Includes: 

1. Your Website Needs to Provide Useful Content

A common mistake made by desperate accountants is “keyword stuffing;” which is, writing with specific keywords as the focus instead of concentrating on readability and usefulness. Keywords certainly do matter, but they should never be the primary focus of the content so much so that they might diminish its quality.

Instead of searching for opportunities to cram as many keywords into your blogs and web pages as possible, remember to focus on creating content that is high quality and deemed helpful to potential clients—the time it takes to do this is well-invested, and will show in your ROI. One of the most effective strategies for marketing accounting services is to provide plenty of high-quality, relevant content.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Here is the second of our marketing tips for accounting firms: While keywords shouldn’t be the sole focus of the content you create, the keywords you do use must be highly specialized in order to garner as many positive results as possible. This is where “long-tail keywords” play an important role. Accountants often believe that searches are typically short and abbreviations— “IRS Tax Help,” let’s take for example.

Commonly, though, ranking for SEO is translated as going after long-tail keywords that are more aimed and targeted in nature. For example, consider the phrase, “Where can I get help to fill out my IRS taxes?” This is not only specific, but carries a high probability of leading a potential client to the results they’re searching for—just remember that the quality of the content supports whatever keyword or phrase you choose to highlight.

3. Build a Knowledge Base

Another effective approach for marketing bookkeeping services is to accumulate thought leaders to develop a powerful knowledge base of beneficial information for current and prospective clients. Developing a comprehensive knowledge base will take time and effort, but accomplishing it will open up doors to using targeted keywords to create geographically specific content that takes your firm on the road to success.

The most successful accounting firm knowledge base usually provides answers to an litany of questions that someone might have about a particular speciality area, which is an opportunity for its individual blog post. Don’t worry about post length or frequency—quality should be the heart of all being produced when creating a knowledge-base of blogs and articles.

In Conclusion

We hope that these tips for successful accounting firm marketing help expand your business and increase your revenue. When implemented correctly, you will find that marketing accounting services will be more successful at reaching potential clients, and attracting them to your firm’s website. Developing and accounting marketing plan does not have to be intimidating, but it does need to be done right.

So don’t just think that accounting firm SEO can be simplified into correct keywords and cramming them into random pages. Create high-quality, specific content, and the web traffic will follow.