I’ve come across too many HVAC companies who avoid talking about SEO because they just don’t understand it.

But search engine optimization for HVAC companies isn’t challenging once you understand the fundamentals of search. By learning some basic marketing for HVAC companies, your HVAC company can focus on a digital marketing strategy that will allow you to meet your business goals, and protect your money from risky or dangerous SEO schemes.

Here are four fundamentals HVAC companies need to understand about SEO:

1. SEO For HVAC Businesses is not that complicated

Often, unscrupulous SEO agencies will tell HVAC business owners how “tricky” digital marketing for HVAC companies is to pressure them into an expensive contract. When a HVAC company thinks SEO is confusing or fails to devote enough time to educating themselves on SEO basics, it leads to the HVAC company wasting time and money on services the business does not need.

HVAC SEO is not hard when you understand the process – a lot of it is based on creating superior-quality content potential HVAC customers can learn from. Once a HVAC company understands some HVAC marketing basics, the business can create an effective and profitable digital marketing strategies that take into account:

  • How a search engine finds, judges, and ranks website content
  • How future HVAC customers search for information online
  • Why producing high-quality content for your HVAC company website is crucial

Once you learn how to market an HVAC company, you are much less susceptible to wasting time and money on strategies that fail to yield results or run the risk of actually hurting their digital presence. Instead, they can focus their attention on creating content that enhances visibility online, connecting them with future prospective HVAC customers.

2. Don’t Pay Somebody to Claim Local HVAC Business Directory Listings

They are numerous directories like Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp that potential customers may consider while searching for information relating to your HVAC business. Since so many potential customers are searching these directories, it makes sense claim your profile and fill them with valuable and useful information about your HVAC company.

In most cases, it takes less than ten minutes to complete a profile on these directories. Sometimes, sites such as GMB (Google my Business) like to confirm your physical address by sending you a postcard. Because only a small amount of participation and time is required on your part, you should not be hiring outside assistance to handle this small task for your HVAC company.

For a seemingly insignificant task, this can be a great tool to get new HVAC customers, and grow your HVAC business.

3. Supplement your HVAC Company’s Marketing Efforts with Social Media

Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook reinforces your HVAC company’s brand and messaging online, and are instrumental in marketing a HVAC business. Most likely, these platforms are ranking when your potential HVAC customers search for information regarding your HVAC business. Taking advantage of these platforms will help create a positive and consistent image of your business for your prospective customers, while driving traffic to your HVAC company’s website.

Social media can be very beneficial in promoting your HVAC business’s website and blog, while also enabling discussions about the services available from your HVAC company.

But social media should not be the main focus of your business’s digital marketing campaign. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are excellent platforms to amplify the voice of your HVAC company online while supporting the content marketing activities of your HVAC business. However, it should never be a distraction from the process of actually producing remarkable content for your business’s website and blog.

4. Too Good to be True Usually is Exactly That

Marketing agencies try making sexy claims like they will get your HVAC company website to “the top of Google” overnight.

Nobody can make such a guarantee, and no agency can promise marketing for HVAC companies hitting the “top of Google” because a “top of Google” does not actually exist.

An SEO agency said they would guarantee your search engine results huh?

Many factors like user location, what search terms are entered, the type of device someone is using, and the time of day factor into search engine results and although any single search term could have “top results,” but there just is no such thing as a “top of Google”.

Successful HVAC SEO is based on creating exceptional content, which can not be accomplished overnight. Quality content requires an investment of time. It also takes time to establish credibility and authority for your website on the search engines.

Marketing agencies may promise quick SEO successes. Or HVAC businesses may think there is a way to “trick” Google into unnaturally boosting their website’s ranks in the SERPs.

Today, however, the Google algorithm is too intelligent for tactics like this to translate into long term improvement on a website’s rankings. Such tactics that try to trick search engines violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and won’t create a sustainable impact on your HVAC company’s rankings.

The best approach is building a strong foundation for your HVAC company marketing by consistently creating informative content that speaks to the needs of your future HVAC customers. Consistently publishing content invites conversation and improves visibility on search engines, while also creating a bond of trust between potential HVAC customers and your company.