I come across many accountants who are not even willing to discuss SEO because they simply don’t understand it.

But search engine optimization for accounting firms does won’t seem as intimidating after you have become familiar with the fundamentals. By familiarizing yourself with some basic accountant SEO principles, your accounting firm can invest its energy into a digital marketing strategy that will achieve your business goals and prevent you from wasting money and resources on SEO tactics that don’t get results.

Here are four tips to help get new bookkeeping clients online:

1. SEO for Accountants is Not Tricky

A few SEO agencies and marketers out there attempt to pressure accountants into deals by claiming how “tricky,” or “complicated” search engine optimization is. When you believe that marketing for accounting firms is complicated, you may be more susceptible to wasting funds on schemes and tricks that don’t actually provide any return on investment (ROI).

In a worst-case scenario, the tactics employed by these agencies may violate Google’s best practices, and can have severe consequences for your accounting firm’s website.

What Works and What Doesn’t for Accountant SEO

Accounting firm SEO is not so complicated once you understand the process – a large portion of it is based on producing informative content that clients can learn something from.

Understanding These Key Points can Save Your Marketing Budget

Accountants will be better equipped to make effective choices when it comes to digital marketing once they grasp the following digital marketing basics:

  1. How a search engine locates, evaluates, and ranks website content
  2. How a potential client searches for online information
  3. Why creating high-quality content for your accounting firm’s website is so important

It becomes so much easier to use your marketing budget effectively once you have mastered the basic concepts of SEO and digital marketing for accounting firms.

Knowledge is Power for Accountant Marketing

Once an accountant is educated in the fundamentals of digital marketing, they are less likely to dump their valuable resources into methods that do not get results, could negatively impact their rankings. It also decreases the likelihood of them wasting resources on marketing services they don’t actually need. Instead, they can focus their attention on writing content that will enhance their authority and visibility online, and create relationships with potential clients, which is how to get new accounting clients.

2. Utilize Accounting Firm Directory Listings Appropriately

When it comes to how to market an accounting firm, directory listings can be a great resource. They are tons of useful directory listings like Google My Business and Yelp that prospective clients use for research when they are seeking for information that is relevant to your accounting firm. Consider claiming a profile on all those sites and filling it with useful data about your firm and the practicing accountants as a way to further expand your reach.

Don’t Pay Somebody For Claiming a Local Accountant Directory Listing

Usually, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to set up profiles on these directories. Occasionally, GMB (Google my Business) and similar directories mail you a postcard or letter to confirm the physical address of your accounting firm. Because it only requires a minimal amount of participation and time from your part, in most cases, we advise against paying someone from outside to accomplish this minor task.

3. Capitalize on Social Media to Amplify Your Private School’s Digital Presence

Increase Visibility in Searches

Being present on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook supplements your accounting firm’s message and brand online. Many times, these channels are displayed in the SERPS where referral sources and potential clients search for information.

Broadcast Your Accounting Firm’s Message and Values

Being active on these platforms conveys an image that is consistent and dependable to prospective referral sources and clients. Social platforms can also be a great way for potential clients to begin conversations with your firm.

Remember that Content is King

But social media should not be the bulk of digital marketing for accountants. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can serve as podiums to broadcast the message and values of your accounting firm, amplifying your accounting firm’s other online marketing activities. Make sure social media never distracts from writing effective content for your accounting firm’s blogs and websites.

4. Too Good to be True Usually is Exactly That

Many marketing agencies try to fish, dangling the bait that they will get your accounting firm’s website to “page one of Google” almost overnight.

Rankings cannot be guaranteed by a marketing company, and no marketing company can ensure they will get your accounting firm to the “top of Google” because there is no such thing as the “top of Google.”

Google search engine results will vary based on many factors, including: user locations, the time of day, what search term is entered, and the type of device a user is using. For any single search , a “top results” is possible but there is no one “top of Google.”

An SEO agency said they would guarantee your search engine results huh?

Search Engine Optimization for Accountants is a Process

Successful accountant marketing goes hand in hand with creating great content, which isn’t accomplished overnight. Developing quality content requires time. It also takes time to build trust and authority with the search engines.

A marketing agency may swear they can offer accounting firms light speed SEO results. Or accountants might believe there to be a way to “game” Google into artificially enhancing the rank of their website in the SERPs.

Attempts to “Trick” Search Engines are Risky and Ineffective

Right now, the Google algorithms are too astute for tactics like this to result in substantial long term improvements on a website’s rank. Tactics meant for deceiving Google into increasing website rankings are against the Google Webmaster Guidelines and deceiving Google will most likely not result in success for your firm, and may result in your website being banned.

We Help Accounting Firms Grow

The safest and most secure method for marketing a bookkeeping business is building a firm foundation for your firm’s digital campaigns by constantly and consistently publishing substantial content that will meet the needs of future clients. Consistent content writing creates a bond of trust with the potential client and the search engine and results in visibility on the search engines.