When you are starting to plan out blog posts for your accounting firm’s website, its important to invest enough time into researching and writing them.

Regardless of how meticulously you’ve planned your content, if your potential clients aren’t finding it and engaging with it, it does no good for your accounting firm’s online marketing efforts. Thoroughly planning your content won’t be beneficial to your clients if they are not engaging with your content. Publishing content that does not benefit or teach your potential clients will not be successful in converting them into paying clients.

There are many benefits of blogging for accounting firms, and choosing accounting blog topics can feel like a challenge.

Blogging Tips for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Here are five things to think about before you publish the next blog post for your accounting firm:

What Purpose Does This Post Have For Potential Clients?

There are accountants that create blog articles on subjects they are interested in, without considering whether their clients found it interesting or not. While writing about topics you enjoy might be more fun, and might prove to be fascinating to a couple of people, it’s not very likely that the article will serve the purpose of connecting with prospective clients.

A post may be fascinating to you, but if it doesn’t elicit the fascination of your potential clients, then the resources you put into writing it may not deliver much ROI for your accounting firm.

Your content must have a positive effect on prospective clients. Does it inform the prospective client about something new? Does it compel a potential client to reach out to you? Does your post help a potential client solve an accounting issue? Accounting clients may be seeking accounting advice online, and tailoring your content strategy accordingly will benefit potential clients, and your accounting firm.

For example, an accountant specializing in tax preparation might create an article about “What Kind of Expenses Should I Claim Under My Business Tax Filing” or “How to Decrease Your Tax Burden Legally.”

These are some effective accounting blog topics. Articles such as these are informative and educational. You are providing relevant information to the potential clients through these articles. If the subject of your post is targeted, then it is more likely to increase the volume of qualified potential clients to your accounting firm’s website.

Will the Right Potential Clients Read My Blog Post?

Of course, you can’t satisfy everyone, but that is no a reason to adopt dull, generic content. Vague or uninformative blog posts aren’t going to attract the qualified traffic that will engage with your accounting firm. Trying to get traffic for the sake getting traffic is worthless.

The volume of traffic visiting your accounting firm’s website is not an accurate predictor of how many visitors will convert into actual, qualified new clients for your firm.

Don’t create articles to attract traffic. Create them to entice your ideal client. Part of developing an accounting firm marketing plan will be researching the needs and concerns potential clients are trying to address.

Take a while to think about your ideal prospective client. Many accountants find it profitable to create client personas to tailor your blogs about accounting toward.

Am I Including Images or Infographics With My Accounting Firm Blog Post?

Adding images can either enhance or diminish the success of your articles about accounting. If you select images irrelevant to the content you are writing, it can be bewildering, and even distract attention form your content. Images, used correctly, can be an additional opportunity to keep your prospective clients educated. A times, images can intensify the impact of your posts in ways that simple text content cannot.

The effect of a topics that may be arduous to understand without a visual can be enhanced by an image. Images can summarize important data difficult to explain in text, allowing for a deeper insight into a topic. Images can also help make the less-interesting accounting topics easier to digest.

Take for example the blog post we used above, “What Kind of Expenses Should I Claim Under My Business Tax Filing” Maybe, your post has a list of all the possible expenses that are claimable. A high-quality infographic can display the list while allowing for more efficient, more digestible, and more retainable information.

Usually website visitors simply skim through posts and pages for the information they need. They don’t wish to invest too much of their time. Offering choices to your potential clients is always beneficial. When they trust your firm can be depended upon to provide them with content in multiple medias, they are more likely to find something to connect with you over, and in a way that is comfortable for them.

What Are Other Accounting Bloggers Writing About?

At times, we can be assisted by reviewing the content of people that both influence and challenge us to produce better content. Before clicking “publish” on your accounting firm’s future posts, initiate a Google search about what you have in mind to see what your competitors are publishing on the same topic. Do you agree or disagree with what they’re writing? Have they published an article that fails to explain everything a prospective client should know?

A big part of the content strategy process for accountants is research your competition. An advantage to this, is you can discover what is working for them, and what is not, so you can come up with fresh bookkeeping marketing ideas.

This is a huge opportunity to acquire new potential clients to a blog post you’ve written that is much more comprehensive than your competitor’s article. It is important that you do; a prospective client is far more likely to choose the firm that has more value in their content, not less.

Am I Optimizing the Titles And Sub-Headers of My Accounting Firm Blog Post?

Often search engine users prefer to quickly skim over the content. They are in search of the pearl of wisdom that would help them reach a decision. It is imperative to write headlines that snag your reader’s’ attention, and sub-headers that exactly tell the reader what they will find by reading on in your content. This permits them to quickly and easily pinpoint exactly what they are looking for.

Visitors to your accounting firm’s blog may choose to continue reading if you can keep them captivated. Attention-grabbing, optimized headlines and sub-headlines help a search engine determine when content is considered appropriate to a search. This enables users to decide, in a few seconds, if they want to read your content.

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