If you are planning a big HVAC installation, a lot of planning goes into the project beforehand, right? Publishing blog articles on your HVAC company website is no different! There needs to be as much thought and deliberation into your content strategy as there is in any other project your HVAC company undertakes.

However, all the foresight and planning in the world won’t help your business if your potential customers aren’t able to relate to your content. Publishing content that fails to educate, inspire, or offer value to your website visitors is not going to motivate them to hire you.

We’ve got some blogging tips for HVAC companies, including HVAC blog topics, and how to start an HVAC company marketing plan.

Here are five things to think about before you publish your next blogs about HVAC Services:

1. Does this post have purpose for my potential customers?

Countless HVAC companies publish blog articles that are interesting to them, to them but fail to captivate their potential customers. Regardless of how much fun writing these articles is for you, your readers may find very little value in it. If a prospective customer doesn’t see any value in your online content, then the aren’t very likely to see much value in your services. It may sound harsh, but the resources used in publishing that type of content will be wasted if it fails to create viable leads or revenue for your HVAC company.

It is important for your content to have a meaningful impact on your prospective customers.  Is it effective in teaching the potential customers something new? Does it compel potential customer to contact you?  Does your post help a potential customer solve a problem with their heating or air conditioning unit? For example, an HVAC company specializing in AC tuneups may write an article about “How to Tell Whether It is Time for an AC Tuneup?” or “HVAC Advice Online.” 

There are many benefits of blogging for HVAC companies. Articles like these are informative and helpful to readers. By providing relevant information to those looking for it, and by writing on topics that are detailed and specific, more qualified traffic will convert into leads and actual HVAC customers for your company.

2. Will the right potential customers read my blog post?

Although pleasing everyone is an impossible goal, it doesn’t mean you should resort to dry, generic content. Vague blog posts lacking details are not going to attract the qualified traffic that your HVAC company will benefit from. Gaining traffic for the sake of having traffic is meaningless.

The quantity of traffic to your HVAC company’s website is not going to be a useful metric in converting those visitors into actual customers for your HVAC company. So don’t write posts geared toward drawing random traffic, instead, write them to attract your ideal customer. Effective HVAC bloggers write with the needs of potential customers in mind.

Take some time to envision your ideal HVAC customer. Many HVAC companies find developing detailed client personas very helpful because it helps them fine-tune their HVAC company’s content marketing plan to target a very specific audience.

3.Am I including images or infographics with my HVAC company blog post?

Adding images to blog articles or web pages can either amplify or limit your HVAC company’s efforts. Selecting images that have no relation to the topic of your blog are confusing or distracting. However, appropriately used imagery can help prospective customers and can even amplify the meaning of your article in ways that simple text does not have the ability to do.

Images can greatly enhance the impact of topics that otherwise might have been a challenge to understand without a visual reference. Perhaps un-interesting HVAC topics can be made more appealing with clever imagery? Images can also be very helpful in displaying data that would otherwise be hard to explain in simple text, fostering an even deeper understanding of the subject material.

Let’s take for example the following blog post: “How Cold Should Your A/C Be Running?” Perhaps, you have comparisons of three separate A/Cs and the temperature they run at, along with the amount of time it requires to cool to a certain temperature. Quality images of cheetahs, for example, illustrating the fast A/C juxtaposed with a snail, representing a slow A/C can visually represent your message and offer greater value to your readers.

Typically, website visitors quickly scan posts and pages for their desired information because they don’t want to invest too much valuable time. Offering options to your potential customers is a great idea because your they can rely on you to provide various formats of content, and multiple ways to approach your company. This is a fundamental part of developing an effective HVAC marketing strategy.

What are competing HVAC companies writing about?

There are situations too, where we can improve from reading the writings of people that both influence and challenge us to create superior posts. Before clicking “publish” on your next HVAC company’s post, search on Google for the topic you are discussing to see what other HVAC companies are writing about on the same subject.

Are you in agreement or disagreement with their ideas? Do they have an article that does not comprehensively explain everything to a prospective customer? This could be a huge opportunity for you to shine by surpassing the quality of the weaker article. It’s important that you capitalize on these opportunities, since a potential customer is going to choose the HVAC company that offers more value and information than the one that offers less.

Am I optimizing the titles and sub-headers of my HVAC company blog post?

Search engines usual skim through content, hunting for the pearl of wisdom to help them determine the quality of your content. It is equally important to utilize headlines that entice your readers, and sub-headers that clearly inform readers what they can expect to learn from your content. This enables them to easily and quickly find exactly what they need.

Prospective customers visiting your HVAC company’s blog may choose to continue reading if you can capture their interest. Informative, optimized headlines and sub-headers enable a search engine to quickly decide when content is relevant to a search. This then allows your potential customers to decide whether they want to read your article in a matter of seconds.

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