So your new website needs backlinks. If you’ve ever worked on SEO for a new site, you’ve run into the challenge of trying to outrank websites with more authority than your site. More than likely these sites have more backlinks than you do – which is a huge contributing factor when we talk about “site authority”.

So this post is about a really simple strategy to get new backlinks – and when done successfully, it’s really convenient.

But I’ve got to warn you – this isn’t a perfect strategy.

A lot of these requests get lost in the noise. Understandable, considering people get on average around 88 emails a day.

Sometimes, these requests for backlinks get ignored since it isn’t a high priority.

Also, these requests for backlinks get denied entirely. They’ll respond, but it won’t be the kind of answer you’re looking for.

So what is the answer?

You need to craft a request for backlinks that is really hard to turn down or ignore.

That sounds like a tall order, however once you know what website owners want, it becomes much easier.

And if you’re interested in earning high-authority links, you’ll definitely need the knowledge of how to write a pitch for a backlink request.

Know what site owners want

There is a truth about getting links – and it’s not fair.

Sometimes bad websites get the best backlinks since they know how to pitch it.

What I mean is there are lots of websites that are deserving of backlinks because they have great content. But not all those websites craft a great pitch, so they don’t get linked to.

It sucks, it is unfair, but that’s the way it is.

The main takeaway is that websites don’t give backlinks to anyone with a domain.

Here’s an example of the type of garbage pitches that get sent out all the time:

(I just saw Tim share this on which is a great FB group about Ahrefs, which you might need if you’re looking for good link targets )

terrible backlink request email

What’s the benefit for the site?

The reason why any website accepts backlinks ultimately is to help themselves out.

Getting backlinks right is crucial for a great link building strategy, so almost every site wants to have the best links.

getting backlinks to your site


If you actually want a backlink, you need to explain to the site owners which benefit they will recieve.

This is massive.

You can’t afford ignoring this if you’re seriously trying to get lots of high-authority backlinks to your website.

Here’s what most webmasters look for in a link:

  • The content is relevant to their site
  • The content is detailed and deep
  • The content is well written/produced
  • The site is legitimate

Explain these in a short email. If you follow the steps I’ve shared with you, I guarantee you that you’ll get responses (and, yes, backlinks).