In 2018, everybody knows that great content is crucial for dental office websites, but were you aware that your content must be aimed towards a targeted audience of patients?

There is a common misconception among dentists that taking a broad approach to content marketing is better, as it would reach a wider audience of patients. Many are afraid that writing too specific and targeted content will attract less traffic.

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Dentists should be creating content with the goal of connecting with future patients.

You will find that content that falls flat when its written please everyone (and then fails to please anybody).

Building client personas can be a very useful tool for ensuring your content is read by the right people.

The Benefits of Creating Client Personas for Dentists

If you were asked to describe your ideal dental patient, what would you say?

Client personas are semi-fictional representations of a ideal patient who would benefit from your service. The more details you provide in your client personas, the more details you can provide for them via whatever content you publish for them.

If you write content that addresses specifically the concerns and questions of your potential patients, it helps them in building a personal connection with your dentistry. Content has a much higher impact if its tailored to specific types of people.

Client personas help dental offices with narrowing down their target audiences. Take consideration into what a specific demographic might wonder and the best way to provide them with that information. Client personas ensure you know who you are speaking to through your content.

To successfully target the right prospective patient, you must collect some details to ensure specificity. Always start with the basic foundation and add to the depth and detail over time.

  • How old is this person?
  • What is their marital status?
  • Do they have children?
  • What is their education level?
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their goals?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their behavior patterns like?

A client persona in need of help with their overbite might be best for an orthodontist.

However, this person may be unaware that they need aligners or retainers. The route they take to discovering your dental practice can be much more complicated.

They may be very uncomfortable with the feeling in their mouth but may be unable to specify the cause. They may be doing google searches on their symptoms. They could even be looking up possible solutions or treatments.

By now, they may feel that something is wrong and conclude that they are in need of medical help to treat their problem. By providing accurate information to this individual, they are able to progress further in their journey towards your dentist office.

By providing informational content that is targeted to specific audiences, you dental office will attain a position of authority on the subject, which in turn compels real people to contact you.

Should Dental Offices Create Multiple Client Personas?

Creating multiple client personas may be beneficial in reaching the appropriate audiences in some case.

The following is an example where multiple client personas can be beneficial:

Dental offices providing multiple services like endodontists who can perform root canal and orthodontists who can correct irregularities and oral surgeons who can perform such procedures, can expect to see patients of all ages, from children to adults to elderly.

Here are a few other technical things to consider:

What device is primarily used by your persona? A laptop? Desktop? Tablet? The age and work schedule of your patient may influence where they browse from.

Older audiences are more likely to access the internet from a desktop computer while younger individuals prefer smartphone or mobile devices.

A teenager who needs braces may search from his phone or such mobile devices while his or her parents may search for an orthodontist from a laptop or desktop.

(Conveniently, all of AdInfusion’s websites are responsive. Regardless of where a prospective client finds your content, it’s optimized for any device or screen size.)

It is not a binary, yes-or-no decision that a prospective patient makes to contact your dental office. It is a journey, a process that involves numerous steps. And it can simply start with an individual who does not even know they need dental help yet.

Think about all the steps they may take along the way, and how they can be vary from patient to patient.

When you think about all these factors, the probability that you will connect with, and inform your potential patient will skyrocket. And your content can urge them to dial your number and call you for an appointment.

AdInfusion Helps dental offices Do Better Digital Marketing

In today’s day and age, prospective patients find dentists near them online, and content marketing is integral to drawing those patients. By publishing high-quality content and splendid web designs, your dental office’s digital presence will transform into a valuable asset as your online visitors become your newest patients.

And a web presence that continuously and dependably grows your practice does not have to be expensive.

Call us today to learn how AdInfusion can put you in control of your digital marketing and expand your dental practice.