Google’s latest episode of “Search for Beginners” covers the top 5 things people should consider for their websites. We think Google saved the best for last because the fifth item on the list involves hiring an SEO.

Videos in the “Search for Beginners” series have been full of DIY tips up to this point, so it’s nice to see Google emphasize the benefits of hiring a professional SEO.

In fact, future videos in the “Search for Beginners” series will dive deeper into the topic of hiring SEOs. Here’s exactly what is stated in Google’s most recent video:

“Are you looking for someone to work on [your website] on your behalf? Hiring a search engine optimizer, or “SEO,” might be an option. SEOs are professionals who can help improve the visibility and ranking of your website. We’ll talk more about hiring an SEO in future episodes.”

Other Website Considerations for Beginners

For those interested, here is the complete list of Google’s top 5 website considerations for people who are new to SEO.

  1. Check if your site is indexed: Perform a search for “” to see if it’s indexed in Google Search.
  2. Provide high quality content: Follow the advice in Google’s official webmaster guidelines and best practices documents.
  3. Ensure website is fast and accessible on all devices: Visit to test mobile-friendliness.
  4. Ensure website is safe for visitors: Secure your website with a HTTPS connection.
  5. Hire an SEO: Covered above.

See the full video below: