Mueller questions why Local SEOs do not publish addresses on their about page. The SEO community responded with numerous reasons, ranging from it’s a negative ranking effect to they don’t service Local SEO.

To be honest I’ve delayed switching addresses on a GMB that didn’t need customers visiting the physical location because of the anticipated workload required to update all the hundreds of citations for the business – especially when the GMB was ranking really well for competitive keywords.

Trust me competition for those types of keywords has been cut-throat – my competitors even stoop so low as to write fake reviews about me like this one:

Like wtf LOL? If you Google the address it was obviously a mailing address. Some people will stoop at nothing because they have no hopes of actually ranking higher than us 🤭

Anyways so this guy Bill Hartzer tweets about how he lost traffic with a GMB.

He’s supposed to be some sort of big shot SEO guy but I checked out his website and he probably doesn’t depend on it too much for people searching for him to get leads – more from his industry reputation or whatever.

I dug a little deeper and saw a blog post about it where he shows a case study about deleting his GMB….

What Happened When I Removed My Google My Business Listing

But when I did a google search for “Mabank SEO”

(he mentions it in that blog post…)

His GMB is still there lol.