A Successful Marketing Strategy for Accountants Includes Social Media, but Does Not Rely On it Exclusively

Usually, we come across accountants hyper-focused on their social media sites, or investing a tremendous amount of time and energy creating profiles on every social media channel they can. It is possible to carelessly use social media in ways that may be harmful to their digital performance.

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So Why do Accountants Even Need Social Media?

If social media is meant to be supplemental to your accounting firm’s website, then why do you need it? In this blog post, we will explain how social media can amplify your current digital marketing efforts, and how to choose, manage and maximize your digital presence using social media for accountants.

What are the Benefits of Social Media for Accountants?

Brand Consistency

Accounting firms are rapidly realizing that social media can be beneficial in lot of ways. To start with, it can help build up brand consistency across the internet, and help your firm build trust with potential clients.

Make it Easier for Potential Clients to Find You Online

Prospective clients who are “shopping” for an accountant anticipate to find your firm on social media. Failing to find your firm on these platforms may result in the frustration or suspicion of your potential clients because they expect to locate you in similar ways as they are finding — and connecting with — other accountants and firms.

Potential clients expect a online presence — whether it is through your blog or website, or through connecting with your accounting firm on Twitter, or liking and sharing your accounting firm’s business page on Facebook.

Increased Search Engine Visibilty

Having profiles on social media platforms can also enable your firm be located in online searches in several capacities. By creating your social media profiles on helpful sites, you can widen the reach of your firm when clients search for it — sometimes accountant social media profiles sometimes show up higher in search engine result pages relative to your actual website.

At the end of the day, when your social media tools are taken advantage of appropriately, they can absolutely attract more traffic back to your accounting firm’s website and blog.

Which Social Media Sites Should Accountants Join?

Before breaking this up, it is crucial to keep in mind that accountants and accounting firms should be specific about which are the best social networks for accountants to set up profiles on.

Be Selective When Choosing Accounting Firm Social Media Channels

Creating profiles on every social media channel available is not an efficient use of your resources – both time and money. Just like choosing an online directory channel, it is just as valuable to invest time being nit-picky in regards to which channel to use to promote accounting firms on social media.

For example, platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest may not be really beneficial for your accounting firm. Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook provide more advantages for accounting firms and accountants and also allow you to resonate better with potential clients and referral sources.

Don’t Dilute Your Message

When accounting firms choose to create profiles on each social media channel they can identify, they usually dilute their message way too thin, causing it to be watered down and relatively inferior. A lot of the times, it becomes difficult to keep up on posting helpful, valuable content to so many different social media sites. After a while, the heart of the message your firm was making efforts to send across to potential clients becomes jumbled, less useful, and less impactful to your potential clients.

Quality over Quantity

One of our social media tips for accountants is to adopt the “quality versus quantity” road when choosing which social media channels your accounting firm should select to develop a remarkable online presence is a superior selection than traveling on the “shotgun” road in regards to accounting social media. It is important to travel a planned and thought out road to your accounting firm’s online presence because it will save your business from making inefficient usage of money or time on approaches that may close up as unsuccessful.

How Can Accounting Firms Use Social Media Effectively?

Utilize Accounting Firm Social Media Management Tools

Figuring out how to market your accounting firm with social media effectively is about realizing what clicks for your accounting firm, and exploiting the powers of time-saving technology that makes your social media management easier. Through this approach, your social media accounts can supplement the rest of your online marketing strategies without draining your time and money.

Effective Social Media Marketing for Accountant is a Process

Selecting the appropriate social media platform is just one aspect of the digital marketing challenge. Learning how to do social media for accountants, and what to post on social media for accounting firms is one component. Leading the web traffic from your social media channels to your accounting firm’s site is another, as well as starting digital discussions and dialogue with potential clients and referral sources.

AdInfusion Takes The Mystery Out of Social Media For Accounting Firms

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