It is a well-known fact that high-quality content is a vital component of an accounting firm’s website, but did you know that content must be targeted to a specific audience in order to be effective?

Often, we encounter accountants the believe a broad approach to content is the best way to go, anticipating casting a wide net will yield better returns. Sometime this belief is partnered with another, that suggests creating specific content will significantly reduce their web traffic.

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Accounting firms should be developing content with the purpose of personally engaging with their potential clients, and helping them solve their accounting problems.

You may be starting to realize that generic, or vague content has much less of an impact than content tailored to the needs of your specific audience.

Creating client personas for accounting firms can be a helpful tool in making sure that your content is delivered to qualified audiences.

Benefits of Creating Client Personas for Accounting Firms

Client personas are a semi-fictional representation of an ideal client who would find your accounting services helpful. The more detail you include when creating accounting buyer personas, more more likely it is that your content will thoroughly cover the needs of your prospective clients.

When you publish content that specifically addresses your potential clients’ questions and concerns, it allows them to begin building a relationship with your firm. Your content will have more value if it is tailored to a particular type of person.

One of the advantages of buyer personas for accountantsis that they help in narrowing down their qualified audience. Note what questions a particular demographic might pose, and what the right approach might be to deliver the necessary information.

There is some basic information you should collect to narrow the field and target the right prospective clients. Begin with the basics, then add depth and detail as you go.

  • How old is this person?
  • What is their marital status?
  • Do they have children?
  • What is their education level?
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their goals?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are their behavior patterns like?

A client persona for a small business needing filing taxes for the first time may be well-suited for a tax accounting firm.

This individual may not be aware that they need an accountant’s help yet. The journey they take to your accounting firm may be much more complex.

They may not be aware of what to claim as expenses on their tax filing. This person may be conducting Google searches to find a list of what expenses can be claimed and which ones can not.

By now, this person might be extremely overwhelmed trying to understand which deductions would benefit him the most, but they may not have decided that they need professional help yet. By providing beneficial information to this individual, you make it easier for them to move further through the buyers journey towards contacting your accounting firm.

Building client personas for accountant marketing will help you created the unique, specialized content that will help attract qualified traffic to your website.

By providing specialized content that is targeted to a specific audience, your accounting firm will become an authority on the topics it covers, which translates into more leads for your firm.

Should Accountants Create Multiple Client Personas?

There are times where creating several accounting marketing personas can be very beneficial in determining who your qualified audiences are.

Below is just a single example where multiple client personas can be beneficial:

Accountants that do estate planning may benefit from creating multiple client personas if they are expecting to see adult children helping elderly parents in the process, or if a husband, wife, and adult children will all be a part of the plan.

Some other more technical considerations might be:

What device(s) does your persona browse on? A laptop? Desktop? Tablet? The work schedule and age of your potential client may determine the device they browse from.

Younger clients will be more likely to conduct searches on mobile devices, while older clients may choose desktop computers over other devices..

A family business owner is more likely to use a laptop or desktop to search for your firm, while the sons or daughters of the business owner will most likely use a mobile device.

(That is the reason we ensure each of the AdInfusion’s websites are responsive. It is optimized for any device or screen size no matter what device it is accessed from.)

The decision a prospective client makes to call your accounting firm is not a binary, yes-or-no decision. It’s often a journey, involving numerous steps. commonly enough, it can start with an individual who doesn’t even realize they need accounting assistance yet.

Don’t forget to consider all the possible steps they may take along the journey, and how those can vary from client to client, and situation to situation.

The probability that you will connect and engage with your potential clients through your web content will increase dramatically when you use client personas for accountant marketing to customize the ideal audience for your accounting firm.

Client persona building for accountants may very well be one of the most useful approaches to truly tune into the needs, wants, and behavior of prospective clients on your firm’s website. We suggest creating buyer personas for every industry, and then learn how to use personas to maximize the impact.

AdInfusion Helps Accounting Firms Do Better Digital Marketing

Nowadays, prospective clients locate accountants online, and effective content marketing is crucial to converting those into paying clients. Learning how to use buyer personas for accountants, producing high-quality content and attractive, responsive web design turns web visitors into clients and enhances your law firm’s online presence into a valuable asset.

A web presence that reliably and successfully supports your accounting firm does not have to be expensive.

To learn more about how AdInfusion can help you claim authority over your digital marketing and expand your accounting firm, schedule a call with us.