You probably clicked on this link wondering what on earth well-ranking private schools have to do with a hip hop artist.

Both are masters of keywords.

Planning and implementing an effective content strategy for your private school increases the chances that more qualified potential students will engage with you. Web content that is informative, engaging, and addresses the concerns of prospective students is a vital component of a successful private school SEO or digital marketing campaign.

A guaranteed tactic for making sure your content has the maximum possible impact is performing thorough keyword research for private school SEO. The insight provided by this process will be invaluable to the content strategy of your private school.

Follow these guidelines to private school keyword research and you’ll be singing “Like a Boss” as all the students come in to enroll.

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Keyword research for your Private School SEO strategy

In the past, the key to successful SEO for private schools was to emphasize a specific private school keywords list and use them as much as possible throughout their content. This method is no longer effective, and is rarely used in modern SEO techniques.

Though the tactics for applying keywords to your written content have changed, the value of keyword research is higher than ever. There are countless benefits to keyword research for private schools. This kind of research provides valuable information on how and where your prospective students are looking for you online.

Potential students and parents look for the answer to questions about their education or development – which makes it almost impossible to accurately predict what search terms they will actually utilize. It is very likely they’ll use an array of varying keywords to articulate their questions or concerns.

Keyword research eliminates the guesswork from your private school’s planning sessions, making it easier to hone your approaches toward student-focused content. Thorough keyword research will also help you come up with additional relevant keywords, phrases, questions and topics for your content.

Here is how we do it at AdInfusion:

Create a list of private school keywords related to the specialities of your institution

To begin keyword planning for your private school, consider, in a very general sense, subjects that would be pertinent to your private school’s speciality areas. For example, a Dallas-based magnet private school may brainstorm the following list:

  • STEM employment outlook
  • college preparation for STEM majors
  • universities for STEM
  • STEM benefits
  • early education
  • preparing scientists for tomorrow
  • the future in engineering

Building on these topics, come up with a list of keywords, questions, and phrases for your private school speciality areas.

(If you have not already, try creating a private school student/client persona to help you get inside the mind of your ideal student or parent.)

Based on the example above, our Dallas private magnet schools might choose some of the following items to list under “college preparation for STEM majors”:

  • college preparation for STEM majors benefits
  • best methods for college preparation for STEM majors
  • college preparation for STEM majors costs
  • benefits to college preparation for STEM majors

The goal of this process is to brainstorm some general content ideas that your potential students and parents will want to engage with.

During this step, you should also consider questions that future students or parents are asking. A prospective student or parent may search online for one of the following:

  • “Is a private magnet school better than a public magnet school?”
  • “Should I place my child in a private elementary school?”
  • “What is the best grade to switch from a public school to a private school?”
  • “How can I make a private school more affordable?”
  • “Is a private school worth its cost?”

Web searchers often ask very detailed questions instead of typing in a few short words. It is nearly always helpful to have a combination of short, basic keywords and phrases, and longer, more detailed ones for each topic you are writing about.

Research related search terms.

Assuming that by now you have developed a substantial list, you may find it difficult to think of any more private school keywords for SEO at this point. At this stage, consider taking one of your keywords and running a Google a search for it. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and you will come across “related searches” that can serve as additional ideas to add to the list.

Here is an example of what you might come across in related searches if you search for something general like “college enrollment private schools”:

Note some of the other searches that are listed:

  • “private school statistics vs public”
  • “diversity in private school statistics”
  • “diversity in private schools”

There are three additional topics that serve as potential blog posts to address the concerns of potential students and parents.

A basic search phrase like “private school preparation” could easily amount to countless pieces of new content on a private school’s blog page:

  • “How is the private school admissions test?”
  • “What is the best way to prepare for the ISEE tests?”
  • “How hard is the ISEE test?”

Let AdInfusion write the content for your private school’s website

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