Why Doesn’t Inbound Work for Everyone?

Hard Questions Are So Much Fun

This is actually a really good question. And if we’re inbound marketing experts and know how to generate results by utilizing an inbound marketing strategy, then how come we don’t succeed with every client all the time?

If we’ve perfected our process for planning, implementation, and tracking your inbound marketing and we have people who are trained with a proven track record of inbound marketing success and we have documented real improvements in marketing programs, then what could prevent us from generating results for your business?

The answer is you! Yep. When our inbound marketing programs fail at meeting expectations, 90% of the time it is the client who prevented their own system from working. As crazy as this sounds – it’s the truth.

Here are a few real-life scenarios where our real clients sank their own inbound marketing.

It’s time for you to take a hard look in the mirror. See if there are any signs of these scenarios in your business.

Buys But Doesn’t Buy In

There are some CEOs and business owners that buy into the emotion of leads, leads, and getting more leads. They hear the part where we’re going to deliver an inbound marketing service that generates results but they practiced selective hearing and conveniently forgot about how it will take 6 to 8 months, that it requires changing the way you describe your business, that it means changing your sales process, and ultimately, it may even mean changing how your business operates. They bought inbound marketing but didn’t buy into all the changes they needed to deliver significant results.

I Knew This Wouldn’t Work

We hear this every once in awhile. Single naysayers that have the ability to bomb the project. They delay their approvals, they “change their mind”, they delete key components from their inbound marketing programs and at the end, they’ve fulfilled their doomsday prophecy by killing the process. “I knew this wouldn’t work,” they may say.

Sometimes they do this to protect their position at the firm or to keep their job, but oftentimes it is simply their need to be right. Another example of this type is someone who thinks their prospects aren’t searching for their business on social media or on the web. Ignoring the research and data, they believe that a sales relationship is the only way to close new clients. They justify their position by ensuring their inbound marketing program doesn’t get traction.

You Don’t Know Our Business Like We Do

Every engagement begins with this thinking. We know we’ll never be an expert in your industry, nor do we expect to be experts in your specific business. Our goal is to be inbound marketing experts, and through our partnership with you, provide the guidance and leadership to implement inbound marketing to your business that is already successful. We understand inbound marketing and you understand your business, and together we build a team that leverages our specific skills.

We Haven’t Done This Before, But We Want to Tell You How to Do Your Job

This highlights how hard it is for business owners to let go and trust somebody new. We understand this. We know that you have only been working with us for a short period of time, but it’s hard to argue with facts: we’ve built a marketing strategy and inbound marketing programs for lots of companies and the ones who let us implement it correctly see amazing results. If you want to increase your chances of seeing the results you’re expecting, let us do our job. Inbound marketing clients who let go, benefit from better results.

Make it Red, We Like it Better Than Green

People are comfortable arguing over color choices. It’s a safe hill to die on. Launch the new website, drive some traffic to it, check the data to see what works and what doesn’t so we can make adjustments and generate more leads for your company. Perfect isn’t a phrase people want to hear in marketing. Better to be done than to be perfect. The truth is the fact that you like green or red is irrelevant. What matters most is whether your prospects will click onto the offer on your website.

The Content Isn’t Written Like We Would Write It

Nope. It isn’t. We write content to forge a connection between you and your prospects, get them wanting to contact you and download things from your site. Inbound marketing programs are all about how to earn attention from your prospect, as opposed to buying attention. The voice we use to talk to your visitors is critical, and we’re experts in writing using a tone, position, and voice that is focused on them!

Of course, these points are generalized to make my point.

But the fact remains. The clients who trust us to do our job benefit from results that aren’t short of amazing. Those ending up in the woods only see modest results. Which sounds better for your business?

Before considering to hire an inbound marketing agency to provide inbound marketing services, start by taking a good look in the mirror. Marketing today is done differently than a decade ago, or even one year ago. The pace that marketing is changing is increasing almost each and every month. What we do now is done differently than what we were doing last year. If you’re serious about hiring an inbound marketing agency to develop a new lead generation system for your company, then you need to be prepared to examine them during your process of selection, and trust them as they implement it.