Another company claiming to offer SEO in Sacramento posted the advice seen below. I don’t usually see eye to eye with the competition but when it comes to the information she posted below, I wholeheartedly agree!

Search for “Sacramento Search Engine Optimization” and you’ll find AdInfusion at #1.

#1 for Sacramento Search Engine Optimization

Search for “Sacramento SEO” and you’ll find AdInfusion at #1.

#1 for "Sacramento SEO"

Search for “Sacramento Search Engine Marketing” and you’ll find AdInfusion at #1.

"Sacramento Search Engine Marketing"

Search for “Sacramento SEO Expert” and you’ll find AdInfusion at #1.


Search for “Sacramento Reputation Management” and you’ll find AdInfusion at #2.  ( 😬 EWWW SAD  #2 ?! LOSERS!!! )


#2 For "Sacramento Reputation Management"


What’s really sad is if you were to go and do some Googling yourself, you’ll actually won’t even find this company on the front page for some of these keywords they brag about ranking for. Some of them you’ll find them on the bottom of the page, floating down near #8 and #9. They do outrank us for one keyword:


Sacramento Local Search Marketing

As I sit here writing this, that doesn’t upset me. “Why don’t you really care about that keyword?”, you’re thinking.

Well, if that agency were to do some keyword research (the foundation of any SEO campaign really) then maybe they’d notice that “Sacramento Local Search Marketing” gets no search traffic. Seriously its traffic volume is so low that doesn’t even have it in their database.