With local businesses, little things matter. Every small detail is important to get right – name, address, phone number, not because you don’t know them, but somewhere along the line, you might have changed your phone number, or moved your address, and forgot to update it somewhere.

A Citation Audit can help identify those inconsistencies, especially the information that’s important to search engines, and if there are specific issues that are preventing your website from appearing on searches. 

Incorrect citations or even simple inconsistencies like an old address or phone number can stop you from getting the best results on your local rankings. Each time there’s an inconsistency of information, or an inaccurate citation, it adds up, and you might end up not even showing on the search results, even if someone searches for you by name.

Citation Audits include business name, address, phone number, hours of operations, and other relevant information that show up on the first and second lines of search results. Citations show up in local directories, listings, social platforms, and all of those citations impact your search engine rankings. So it matters what’s out there!

We’ve listed our favorite citation audit tools here.

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