How to Get 10X More Appointments With My Proven & Tested SEO Cold Calling Script

SEO Cold Calling is DEAD! It Doesn’t Work Anymore!

That’s  what your competitors think! Or maybe you are thinking this too.

Closing a new SEO client means getting in front of them and selling them on your services! Great clients aren’t just going to line up at your doorstep and throw money at you.

And since 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone, cold calling done right is one of the most effective ways to get you in front of decision-makers who need your talents to help them perform better on the search engines.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about cold calling all the real hustlers know: The first caller gets 50% of the market. Last to call gets the rest. Click To Tweet My company sells SEO and website design services to clients throughout California. From my experience, especially in my local marketplace, most of my competitors are gun-shy about getting on the phone and reaching out to prospects.

They may be good at SEO, but many of them are not great salespeople. The focus of this post is to show you a SEO cold calling script that I have perfected after making 1000s of calls over the years to potential customers that come on my website looking for someone to help their website perform better.

Grant Cardone has said that the willingness to call those not yet known is one of the great traits of highly successful entrepreneurs and business people willing to contact and get meetings with people they don’t yet know to get where they have not yet gotten.

Turning Visitors into Prospects

Since the topic of this blog is regarding reaching out to contacts, my post assumes you’re already getting website traffic to your site. I dominate my local SEO markets and rank #1 for pretty much every keyword people are searching for… and that definitely helps me get more traffic, leads, and sales than my competitors. Being in this position helps me at all parts of the sales process because it helps me get more traffic, more leads, and helps me close more sales (because they see I practice what I preach. If I did it for myself, I can help do it for them). So assuming you don’t suck at SEO and you’re getting traffic, you need a way to turn those visitors in Google Analytics into leads!

how to cold call for your SEO agency like a boss

One of the top ways I have found to do this is by offering an SEO Audit tool on my website. I’ve got a call to action on my homepage, and numerous call to actions leading to it throughout all my landing pages and blogs. This helps me target people who are in the AWARENESS phase of the Buyer’s Journey. I’m a big fan of Hubspot and definitely an inbound marketing evangelist… even if you don’t use their tool, I’d suggest taking the time to learn more about their philosophy – doing so for myself has done lots to improve my business.

During the awareness phase, visitors have realized and expressed symptoms of a potential problem. In the case of SEO, they know they need more traffic, better rankings, etc. They probably know their website hasn’t been optimized correctly – so at this point their research and info needs are focused on identifying symptoms or problems. That’s where the SEO Audit tool comes in. In exchange for their contact info, they get a report detailing the technical SEO errors that are holding them back.

There are lots of companies out there that provide SEO audit tools that you can white-label and provide for your clients. My absolute favorite is My Site Auditor which was created by Marvin Russell over at Ocean 19 in Chicago. I love Marvin’s blog BTW.

My reports focus mainly on on-site issues.. and I have no problem offering all that data to them in the beginning. 99% of the time they are too busy running their business to do this stuff if they could – and 95% of them don’t have the technical expertise to do this anyways… so they will need me later! Plus, for competitive niches, link-building will be a very important component of their campaign, and not one client I’ve spoken with in years was anywhere near competent enough to handle their own link-building efforts. But I need to get in front of them to educate them on this! IN PERSON.

Don’t start selling them SEO – start by selling them on an opportunity to learn more

Before I get to the part where I show you examples of how most people try and cold call – (which makes them fail miserably so they give up) I want you to know the true purpose of the initial cold call.

You’re actually not trying to sell them SEO on this call.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive but hear me out! The point of your call is not to sell your service but to get an appointment. When they set aside time and you get in front of them, your chances of closing them will skyrocket.

The Wrong SEO Cold Call

Chumps make bad calls… it usually goes something like this:

I’m Joe Salesguy from AdInfusion’s offices.

We are the leader in SEO getting 20-50% increase in traffic and leads.

I would like to meet with you to discuss how our company can benefit your company.

Can I get a time this week to show you what we can do for your company?

Try this out. I know you’ll be surprised with the results. And remember… you must get frequent before you will ever get great.