Managing a Solar Company’s Directory Listings can be Overwhelming if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

With such a variety of directory listing platforms, and the different pros and cons of each, choosing the best ones for your solar company can get overwhelming quickly. In this post we will cover how solar companies can choose the directory listings that have the highest value, and how to use them effectively to maximize the results.

Consider What Makes A Solar Directory Valuable

Before you sign up for any directory listings, there are a couple of questions you need to answer:

  • Does the directory provide your solar business a unique advantage that you cannot get anywhere else?
  • Does the directory actually reach the types of customers your company serves?

How Does This Directory Benefit Your Potential Customers?

Determining which directories will benefit your customers and your solar company the most will be helpful in the selection process.

  • Does this specific directory provide value to its customers?
  • Is it in high demand with the types of customers you are targeting?
  • How likely is it that a potential customer is going to find your solar company on this directory?
  • Can you determine how many customers are actually using this directory?

For example, if you are selecting between a directory platform such as Yelp and a more obscure solar directory, Yelp is going to be the smarter one to start with. Yelp is very prominent and has millions of visitors each month. Your solar company is going to be visible to larger numbers of visitors on a platform like Yelp than a smaller, less popular directory.

Solar Companies Should Start With Popular Directories Initially

There are numerous directories available, but claiming your profile on every single platform is not a good investment of your time. It isn’t the most efficient tactic for creating an online presence for your solar business either.

We suggest solar providers claim their profiles on directory platforms like Yelp and Google initially, then look toward less popular platforms. It is not likely that your potential customers start their searches on the smaller directories, but, there is a high probability that they will locate your solar company in the more popular directories with the help of search engine results pages (SERPs). It is possible that potential customers use these popular directories frequently.

Yelp is a very popular directory platform with mobile users, especially in large, tech-savvy cities such as Sacramento. Many customers in these areas use Yelp frequently. Often customers look up businesses (solar businesses included) on Yelp before they make any decisions.

Build up Directory Profiles With Reputation Management Tools

It is a wise to claim your profiles on directory platforms like Yelp and Google, then leverage those profiles to broadcast valuable information about your solar company and your providers.

Your solar business can develop these profiles consistently and build them out with testimonials from satisfied customers. Potential customers love the feedback your previous customers leave, and often find it helpful in choosing a solar company for themselves. The importance of reputation is increasing all the time. For many customers, digital reviews carry just as much weight as testimonials from a friend or family member.

The good news? Collecting, displaying and managing your solar company’s digital reputation doesn’t have to be complicated.

Use Good Reputation Management Tools For Your Solar Business

The AdInfusion system has built-in suggestion engines that enable you to import Google reviews to your solar company’s website quickly and simply. Additionally, our systems create an index that allows potential customers to find reviews that are relevant to their specific circumstances. Our system gives solar providers absolute control over which of their reviews are displayed and where.

These testimonials will become a vital feature of your website, but they don’t reach beyond your it, like outside directory platforms such as Google or Yelp.

Consider Smaller Directories When You Have Time

Once you have established your solar company profiles on the larger and more popular directories, and built them up with client reviews, then it might be the right time to begin considering some of the smaller directories.

Its important to make sure that this process does not disrupt the marketing efforts on other resources that you own or have authority over, such as your website and blog. If you get distracted by things like directory listings, and lose focus on developing high-quality content that addresses the needs of your customers, you run the risk of tarnishing your online reputation, and missing out on prospective new customers.

Let AdInfusion Simplify Your Law Firms’s Digital Marketing

At AdInfusion, we are embrace the challenge of marketing each unique solar company. AdInfusion strives to empower solar businesses to claim complete authority over their digital marketing, and to skyrocket your success without wasting your valuable money or time.

AdInfusion provides more effective marketing solutions for solar companies. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business expand digitally, call us at 916-798-5707 today.