Today, I’m going to talk about two ways people can find your website: Organic Search and Direct Traffic. I’ll explain why Organic Search is like a treasure for your business, and why it’s even better than Direct Traffic. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and easy to understand!

Organic Traffic is More Interested in Your Stuff
Think of Organic Search like a treasure map. People type in some words (keywords) on a search engine like Google, and if they find your website, it’s like they found the treasure! That means they’re already interested in what you have to offer.

On the other hand, Direct Traffic is like people stumbling upon your website by accident, so they might not be as interested. When people are more interested, they’re more likely to explore your website and see what else you have. That’s called engagement, and it’s a good thing!

Organic Traffic Stays Longer on Your Website
When people find your website through Organic Search, they’re more likely to stick around and take their time looking at what you have. It’s like they’re enjoying the treasure they found. This is important because the longer they stay, the more chances you have to show them what you can offer.

Direct Traffic might just leave quickly, like they took a peek at the treasure and decided it wasn’t for them. So, longer visits from Organic Search are definitely better!

Organic Traffic Can Become Your Customers or Fans
Now, here’s the best part! Since Organic Search visitors are already interested in your stuff, they’re more likely to become your customers or fans. That means they might sign up for your newsletter, buy your products, or tell their friends about your business. That’s like turning your treasure into gold!
Direct Traffic visitors might not be as interested, so it’s harder to get them to become customers or fans.

So, small business owners, let’s sum it up!
Organic Traffic is like a treasure for your business because people are more interested in your stuff, stay longer on your website, and can become customers or fans. To get more of this treasure, try making your website easy to find on search engines like Google. Use the right words (keywords) and create helpful content that people will enjoy.

Remember, getting more Organic Traffic to your website is like finding more treasure, and that’s great for your business!