Choosing an SEO agency that isn’t right for you can cost you dearly, and I’m not just referring to money.

In addition to providing minimal to no return on your investment, a poorly implemented SEO strategy can have much farther-reaching effects. Most likely, your new SEO campaign will take more work than it should have (and may cost you more too), since your new provider will have to invest a lot of time and energy into rectifying the previous mistakes.

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On the bright side, however, after the initial investment in fixing errors is made, a well developed and executed SEO strategy will deliver a positive ROI in addition to lead and revenue generation.

Correcting Substandard SEO

There are some common issues we run into when we get started with a new client, and most of these issues require pretty intensive work to remedy.

Bad links.

A common attribute of poor SEO is gathering bad inbound links, which is generally worse (from and SEO standpoint) than having no links at all. Google assesses link quality, and will impose consequences for websites that utilize “link schemes” or unethical link-building practices. Even if a business manages to avoid penalties, bad or incorrect links won’t help a website’s rankings, and can even hurt them. We spend an awful lot of time analyzing our clients links, then removing or repairing the questionable ones because of this.

Incorrect keywords.

If keyword research was absent or incomplete, then even high organic visibility won’t be successful in producing leads. New keywords need to be researched, and the SEO process might have to be implemented from the ground up. Additionally, content created around those improper keywords will need to be replaced, rewritten, or removed.

Poorly optimized content.

Even if the substandard SEO strategy utilized the appropriate keywords, the content published to support them could be majorly unsuitable. We frequently see problems with keyword stuffing, spammy content, insufficient word counts, and reliance on low-value publishing sites. Content issues require comprehensive evaluation and editing.

On-site issues.

If Google cannot decipher a company’s website, and/or the SEO-related functionality of a given website is lacking, in all likelihood, the SEO campaign will be unsuccessful. Most on-site issues need to be rectified as soon as possible, and here are some of the most common one we encounter when we take over a campaign.

  • Poor URL structure
  • Duplicate content
  • Slow page loading
  • Poor mobile optimization and usability
  • Poor internal linking structure
  • Improper navigation and page hierarchies
  • Improper optimization of images and videos
  • Improper optimization of title tags
  • Improper or no use of page redirects
  • Poor or no use of Robots.txt files
  • Poor execution of meta description tags
  • No HTML and/or XML sitemaps
  • Poor or absent calls to action
  • Poorly designed contact forms

Select Your SEO Agency With Care

Choosing the right SEO agency to work with is imperative to the success of your campaigns, and possibly your business. Remember, if you’re stuck in the quagmire of a sinking SEO campaign, it will likely get worse, not better, and more costly to fix.

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