If you asked any SEO provider what a crucial component of a successful campaign is, they would most certainly reply, “building high-quality backlinks.”

It’s a big job.

Today, the bulk of backlinks are generated by publishing high-quality content off-site. In order to acquire these links, an SEO agency must first identify high-authority and relevant publishing platforms, then get them interested in actually posting the clients content. This can be a time-consuming process, and it doesn’t even factor in the time required to create the content in the first place.

Today, the bulk of backlinks are generated by publishing high-quality content off-site Click To Tweet

This task becomes even more daunting when an agency has content published on a singular basis – meaning that one piece of content is written for each individual publisher. With this method, building 100 backlinks needs 100 original pieces of content. No matter how skilled or efficient your a content team is, this will still create a very pricy campaign for the client.

So, what happens if a company can build a few hundred links, with a single piece of content?

This is possible if the client can provide high-value content to be marketed. High-value content is content that publishers in a company’s field are popular to publish because it has a unique and useful viewpoint on a very popular issue.

Examples of high-value content:

  • An infographic or slide presentation clearly explaining a complex issue or process pertaining to the client’s industry.
  • An article detailing a client’s independent research on an issue relevant to the industry.
  • An online tool useful to businesses or individuals in an industry, such as a mortgage interest calculator.

High-value content is published on a client’s website, allowing the SEO company to ask publishers to embed it or link to it on their websites. Since the content is considered highly valuable, most publishers are eager to do so, because making the content available to their audience makes their own websites that much more relevant. This method offers substantial efficiency to link-building campaigns.

Our SEO team collaborates with clients very closely to focus on the most appealing topics for high-value content, and then takes client feedback to create the content asset. The results have been spectacular.

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