You probably clicked this title wondering what HVAC companies who rank highly on search engines have in common with hip hop.

They both have mastered their keywords!

Establishing and implementing a strategy for your content allows to will address the concerns of your potential HVAC customers and is also relevant to their current situation.

Putting energy and time into building a list of keywords for your HVAC company is imperative in creating a successful content strategy. If done effectively, keyword research will provide your HVAC company with insightful data about what people actually use searches for in regard to your HVAC services.

This guide to HVAC company keyword research will be helpful for your business and will have you singing “Like a Boss” as all the customers come in.

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Keyword research for your HVAC Company SEO strategy

In the past, focusing on the number of times a specific keyword is used was the epitome of SEO practices. Today, this method is no longer effective, and can actually be detrimental to your rankings.

Keyword research for HVAC SEO, however continues to be an effective practice, and gives a lot of valuable insight for developing a successful content strategy that addresses the needs of your prospective customers, and generates leads and revenue for your HVAC business.

Many potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems as related to heating and air conditioning – which makes it very challenging to accurately predict what search terms they will be using. In fact, they can be using detailed and unique keywords to describe their issues.

Keyword research is beneficial in reducing the guesswork, which enables you fine-tune your strategies. In conducting thorough keyword research, you will discover alternate topics, keywords, phrases, and search terminology, resulting in more connections with new customers.

Here’s how we find the most searched keywords for HVAC companies:

Create a list of topics related to your HVAC Company’s Service Areas

To get started, begin with the topics that would be relevant to your HVAC company’s service areas. For example, a Chicago-based HVAC company may come up with topics like:

  • AC tuneup
  • AC installation
  • AC breakdown
  • AC replacement
  • Heater replacement
  • Insulation

The next step would be to develop these topics into a list of keywords, questions and phrases for your HVAC company service areas.

(If you have not yet, try creating a HVAC company client persona to help you get inside the mind of your ideal customer.)

Following the example above, our Chicago HVAC company might choose some of the following items to list under “AC replacement”:

  • AC replacement cost
  • AC replacement process
  • AC replacement coupons
  • AC replacement warranty
  • AC replacement tax rebates

The reason we do this is to brainstorm some general content ideas that your potential HVAC customers will want to engage with.

At this point, you should consider questions that your HVAC customer will be seeking answers to. For example, a potential customer may be looking for answers to the following questions:

  • “How can I get rebates for my AC replacement?”
  • “Why is my ductless AC generating such high bills?”
  • “Is there a problem if the gas furnace flame is yellow?”

Most of the times, search engine users ask detailed and unique questions instead of searching for a few short words. Having a combination of short, basic keywords and phrases with long, complex keywords and phrases is always going to have better results.

Research related search terms.

By now you should have a pretty promising list of HVAC keywords for SEO, but you could be encountering writer’s block coming up with additional ideas. Not to worry, just take one of your keywords and run a Google  search on it. After scrolling all the way down, you will come across the “related searches” that can provide even additional ideas.

Below is an example of what you may find in related searches if you search for something less specific like “furnace replacement”:

Note some of the other searches that are listed:

  • “oil furnace replacement”
  • “furnace installation tax credit”
  • “gas furnace replacement”

Now we have three additional topics that this HVAC company can write about.

A basic search phrase like “AC installation in Boston” could easily spark several new content topic ideas for your HVAC company’s website:

  • “When do you know whether you should get your AC replaced?”
  • “How to determine whether you need an AC tuneup or an AC installation?”

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