We understand why clients tend to gravitate towards month-to-month SEO contracts, even though they really aren’t a good idea for anyone. Here are a few of the reasons we hear:

  1. Many clients have been burned in the past by unethical SEOs and are suspicious.
  2. Businesses like staying flexible and keeping their options open. For this reason, many avoid being locked into long-term contracts under any circumstance.
  3. Clients often don’t really understand SEO, and being unfamiliar with how it works, and how to tell if their campaigns are actually producing makes them even more hesitant to enter long-term commitments. (this is sounding a lot like my last relationship)
Effective SEO is a long-term venture, and looking at the big picture is vital to a successful one. Short-term campaigns hobble SEO firms and can cause short-range thinking and goal setting. Click To Tweet

What’s The Problem With Month-to-Month SEO Contracts?

Let’s dig deeper:

SEO takes time to be effective. Sometimes it may require months or even a year for campaign activities to be noticed and rewarded by Google.

When SEO companies are hard-pressed to demonstrate immediate results, it can be very tempting to utilize unethical, or “black-hat” techniques. These methods may generate dramatic increases in a very short time period, but when Google catches on (and Google WILL catch on) a company’s website may be penalized or even banned!

If SEO firms are able to resist the temptation to produce immediate results, they may not have satisfactory results to show after a few months work and end up being fired. However, by firing the SEO agency early on, the client may well be shooting itself in the foot, walking away from a campaign that would have been incredibly successful at driving conversions and traffic.

Avoiding SEO Contract Pitfalls

To avoid throwing money away, giving up too soon, and spinning your wheels in the mud on month-to-month SEO deals, here is what you should do to get the results you are after:

  • Vet prospective SEO firms thoroughly before you decide to hire one. Look for regular, transparent reporting; a long-term track record of success; positive client reviews; a collaborative, experienced and full-time staff; and a team you feel compatible with.
  • Look at SEO as a 12- to 24-month commitment, and even if you are monitoring results diligently from day one, be mindful before making a major decision. Persuade all of the key players on your internal team to buy into this mindset.
  • Establish clear, achievable objectives and timelines for your campaign; as a matter of fact, a quality SEO agency will force you to do this.

In monthly reports and meetings with your SEO agency, make sure the agency is telling you specifically what tasks it accomplished, what successes occurred, and what adjustments are being made going forward. Gradually, this will help you gain a comfort level with the agency and augment your understanding of SEO — two things crucial for successful SEO.

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