SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of improving where a website ranks in search engine results. Effective SEO operations not only attract more prospective clients to your website, it also increases revenue and organic traffic and revenue.

SEO is vital to local digital marketing, as community-driven content, localized keywords, and site extensions deliver better site and brand recognition for visitors from your area. Click To Tweet

Fixated on obtaining measurable results and growth, AdInfusion uses our abundant SEO experience to develop a marketing plan that can drive your company to the top of your region and help you cultivate long-term success.

How Do You Incorporate SEO Into Local Marketing?

Below are just some of the methods our team uses to optimize your local business.

1. Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) Citations

We strategically place your company’s NAP in numerous places throughout your site, which makes your business’s contact information more visible to search engines, and therefore web users. Citations ensure your NAP is listed correctly and consistently everywhere on the web, in the same way it is displayed on your site.

2. Local Reviews

We set up business listings for your company on directory listing sites such as FourSquare, Yelp, SuperPages, UrbanSpoon, and many other platforms to enable people to leave feedback and give prospective customers a snapshot inside your company.

Reviews on social media can be just as important, since they propagate word-of-mouth exposure and stimulate interaction from your client base. Our social media management and marketing solutions help set the premise for those conversation while we collaborate with you to encourage interaction through special offers, freebies, sales, and giveaways.

3. Verify With Google My Business

Setting up, editing, managing and verifying your company’s information on Google may seem intimidating. Our skilled team works with Google My Business to confirm your listing is customized with a description and imagery, with correct the categorization and eliminate any duplicate listings.

4. Google Extensions

Google ad extensions are another effective way to give potential customers more information about your company or brand. They will also influence people to visit your business’s website and amplify your brand’s authority. Using these extensions, search results can return a list that displays your location, reviews, and phone number. Our team integrates these extensions seamlessly into your website’s design, reducing your bounce rate.

5. Localized Link Building

Local news outlets and coverage can great opportunities for building links. AdInfusion utilizes HARO, a powerful resource that connects journalists and businesses to one another. By providing expert knowledge in your industry to a popular media and news outlet, we can ensure that visitors will be organically guided back to your website, and your business.

Custom Tailored To Your Needs

There are several different approaches that integrate these components to boost a website’s CTR (click-through rates) and rankings. With our expertise, insight into many industries’ best practices, and years of experience, AdInfusion will your business grow and evolve in your community.

Our Local Marketing Strategies

In addition to the SEO strategies we consistently use, we have have some specialized methods for increasing sales and traffic on the websites of local businesses. We build on our established, successful tactics of SEO to apply a more specific approach towards prospective clients in your local region.


Our SEO team utilizes the latest software and platforms to analyze which keywords are having the best results in your localized area through trend reports and search volume. We strive to make your site as customer-centric with emphasis on an enjoyable user experience.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an vital part of every website we build, as it allows your website to adapt to the format of any device and impacts functionality, especially for mobile phones. Since so many localized searches come from people on their phones, it’s essential that your site loads quickly and is easily navigable for consumers on any platform.

Optimized Content

Your company’s website needs to address the most important concerns or questions your visitors may have: where you’re located, what your hours are, and what services or products you offer. AdInfusion performs extensive keyword research to optimize your site toward your region or city.

Learn more about creating compelling content here. 

Local Events Coverage

We strongly advise taking advantage of each opportunity for publicity, as it necessitates you staying connected and engaged with your community. Local events can be huge opportunities for more insight into branding opportunities, possible keywords, and feedback from your customers, so we make sure to mention them.

AdInfusion has a talented team adept and experienced with SEO that will manage your campaigns effectively for you. By incorporating these efforts, we’re able to provide measurable results quickly, and consistently, for the lifetime of your business. Contact us today to discover how quality SEO can benefit your business.