Are you an administrator who is behind the curve on how your private school’s website ranks on Google? Stressing about the rankings of your school too much has been known to cause anxiety.

Studies have shown that the majority of our anxiety is based in fear, as opposed to reality. While it is important to have good Google rankings, they are certainly not the the exclusive metric for calculating your school’s potential to reach new students online.

So, you might be wondering, “how does content impact rankings for private schools?” or “do Google ranks matter for private schools?”

“Top” private school rankings on Google do not automatically translate to traffic, and a high traffic volume is not always coequal to qualified potential clients. Click To Tweet

So what is another method that a private school can utilize to reach their potential audience? Well, one of the most effective ways to attract the ideal traffic to your website is to develop and publish high-quality content on your private school’s website.

By creating content that is informative and of superior quality, you will appeal to new students, faculty, and supporters, and attract them to your private school’s website, with a byproduct of increased private school website rankings. The main purpose of your content is to improve the experience of prospective students, staff, and followers by providing relevant information.

Helpful, relevant content helps prospective students and their parents in countless ways – from guiding them make educated decisions and finding solutions for their problems to compelling them to enroll a child in your private school! A superior quality blog post that provides useful information will attract qualified potential students, staff and supporters to your school, and can greatly increase interest in your school’s services or programs, long after the content has been  published.

Below, you will discover how to develop a sustainable, successful digital presence for your private school, and put a stop to the fears over search engine rankings.

Writing Informative Private School Blog Posts for Your Potential Students

If you can successfully produce web content that is informational for existing and potential students, you will also increase the visibility of your website. When you think about how your target audience  actually search on Google, the importance of creating effective, quality content becomes obvious.

From directions to recipes, people use search engines for too many reasons to count. However, most people initiate a search for the express purpose of research. It’s logical that potential students and their families would be using search engines to research differences between public and private schools, course offerings, college prep, and more.

In the past, simple keywords were the mainstay of digital searches (just like “Private Schools San Francisco”). Today, potential students and their families are more savvy than ever before, and are more likely to seek answers to their questions from a search engine than an actual human. When someone initiates a search query, search engines display the information that is most relevant to the queries from its index. (70 percent of Google searches are unique and are being asked for the first time ever. And the combination order in which result rankings and pages are displayed has never been ordered in the same way before either!)

Content that is detailed, specific, and relevant to a particular issue can address concerns of prospective students and their families, and help them make educated decisions.

Low-quality content tends to be ranked poorly due to the lack of information it provides to users who are attempting to answer specific questions, and make informed choices. Providing relevant information in response to search queries is Google’s main goal, and Google’s ability to do this so effectively has allowed them to dominate the search-engine market. When your content is relevant to a user’s search, your web pages will be displayed in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Then your potential students, families, staff and supporters can use this information to make informed decisions about what steps to take, or how your provate school can help them reach their educational goals.

Its crucial to remember that what you find useful may not accurately represent what your website visitors find useful. Make sure to write content that is relevant, and specific to the audience you are targeting. There are many provate schools that find developing detailed client personas to be very helpful in targeting the right traffic, and developing relevant content ideas.

Private School Blog Posts Should Answer the Question Potential Students Ask

Your students, their families, and your staff will be the best resources for coming up with relevant content topic ideas, and the best private school websites capitalize on this resources to the best of their abilities.

Each potential student or parent in an opportunity to come up with new ideas for content subjects. Both new and existing students, parents and staff are forever asking questions, and its highly possible that there is someone googling one of those F-A-Qs right now!

By considering the questions your potential students and their parents are asking, you can create even more questions that might need to be addressed. Each search query is an opportunity for a possible captivating blog post. Are there frequently asked questions that you hear from students? Your prospective parents or students may not have actually uttered the question yet, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the reader will not find your content valuable. Write a blog post about it.

One of the most effective approaches to marketing your private school online is to provide high quality, useful content. Private schools should keep in mind, though, that writing about generic or irrelevant topics will not be helpful. Planning out great content is vital. If you write about subjects that are interesting to you (but not your potential students or parents), you are pouring your time and energy down the drain.

Thorough planning and development of your private school’s web content is crucial for provate schools. The quality and frequency of your content publishing makes an impact on the effectiveness of your efforts. For example, focusing on creating informative, useful content and publishing it regularly will yield more consistent, qualified traffic on your provate school’s website.

Give Your Potential Students and Parents Different Ways to Consume Your Content

A great place to start developing your private school’s website through written content, but it is certainly not the only means of conveying your message to your audience. Your potential students and parents will have an array of learning styles. Develop an approachable, empowering setting for potential students and parents to explore more about private schools by addressing their needs.

If an array of choices are offered, potential students and parents will more likely engage with your content in the way that is most comfortable to them. You can offer your potential students or parents opportunities to further learn about next steps as you provide them helpful content to meet their needs and innovative ways to learn more about your school.

Some potential parents and students will read a blog article in its entirety from the beginning to end. Others will only scan for the needed information. Podcasts and videos can greatly help auditory and visual learners.

Videos can greatly enable your potential students and parents to learn about your school’s personality, and can communicate the values of your private school. As the saying goes, “People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care.” Producing films and videos could make it easier for potential students and parents to feel more connected with your private school. Publishing high-quality videos can exhibit the information as well as the character of your private school.

A variety of content mediums allows for a valuable and an impactful connection with potential students and parents as they choose the best medium for the delivery of information they deem valuable.

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