As an HVAC company, you might be concerned with your HVAC company’s rankings on Google. However, obsessing over your rankings too much can cause unneeded stress.

More often than not, fear lies at the root of this stress and anxiety. While top rankings on Gogle for HVAC companies certainly have an impact on the success of your business, they are not the only measurement of how effective your business is at reaching prospective customers online.

“Top” rankings on Google do not automatically translate to traffic, and a high traffic volume is not always equal to qualified potential customers. Click To Tweet

So what other approach can an HVAC company take to captivate potential new customers?

For starters, publishing high-quality, informative content on your HVAC business’s website will attract interested, qualified traffic.

Publishing content that is good quality, easy to read, and helpful to potential customers will not only draw the ideal types of web traffic to your site, it will also help turn that traffic into paying customers.

So how does content impact rankings for HVAC companies? Well, the main purpose of your content is to help potential customers find solutions to their problems. By providing relevant and useful content, you allow your prospective customers to make informed choices, and this instills trust and confidence in your company, compelling customers to call you. Another advantage to high-quality, informative content on your HVAC company’s website is that it can and will attract qualified potential customers, even long after you’ve published it.

Read on to learn how to create a meaningful, and sustainable online presence for your HVAC business, and release the stress of obsessing first page rankings for your HVAC company.

Write informative HVAC business blog posts for your potential  customers

Not only will developing a blog for your company help increase the visibility of your website, it will also be incredibly useful for your existing customer base, referrals, and new customers alike. When you think about how a prospective customer actually uses a search engine, its easy to see the value of creating informative, high quality content, and how that content can help an HVAC company website achieve higher search engine rankings.

From directions and business reviews, to shopping and entertainment, search engines are used with astonishing frequency by the public. The most common people use a search engine like Google is for research. A homeowner, for example, could be hearing a strange sound from their HVAC unit, and could be searching online for causes and solutions.

Not too long ago, online searches were simple, basic keywords like “HVAC San Jose.” Now, these simple keywords or phrases have been replaced with more detailed and complex queries. Most search engine users enter their questions just like they would if they were asking another person, and Google’s objective is to return the most relevant and helpful results possible. 70 percent of Google searches have never been asked before, leading to results that may never have come up before either.

By publishing informative content, full of accurate, detailed information relating to their specific problems, your HVAC company is helping prospective customers make more informed decisions. Another side benefit of helping your customers this way, is that it garners trust and confidence in your business as well, and demonstrates authority in the industry.

Content that is “thin” or poor quality will not be ranked highly by search engines, because the information is not particularly helpful in addressing specific questions or issues. Google’s primary purpose is to provide the most relevant search results for its users, and Google’s success in fulfilling this purpose has allowed it to dominate the search engine market. If your content is relevant to a specific query, the pages of your HVAC company website may be returned in Search Engine Results Pages (SEPRs). When your potential customers are trying to find information, and determine what their next step is, the information contained in your HVAC company blog may be incredibly helpful.

Keep in mind, though, that what you find useful may not be considered useful for your prospective customers and vice versa. It is vital to understand who exactly you are targeting with your content. Many HVAC companies find that investing time into creating customers personas can be beneficial in developing a content strategy that will attract more traffic, particularly qualified traffic, to their websites, and will also in turn, increase your HVAC company website’s rankings.

HVAC company blog posts should answer the question potential customers ask

The absolute best resource your HVAC company has for content ideas is your customers, and good HVAC websites address the needs of their customers on a daily basis.

Each potential customer you encounter can be the source of a great topic idea. Your customers are always asking questions, and addressing those that you hear often can be a great way to start on content ideas.  It is very possible that there is someone online at this very moment Googling an answer to their HVAC-related question.

Addressing the questions commonly being asked by potential customers will help you create even more topics that may be helpful.  Each individual question is a potential blog post you can use to provide helpful, valuable information to existing and prospective customers. Are there common questions that your team hears often? Just because you have not heard a question yet does not mean no one is out there searching for answers. If you think a topic will be helpful to customers, blog about it.

Regularly developing and publishing high-quality content is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing for HVAC companies, and since many HVAC company websites achieve their rankings because of high-quality content, its too important too overlook.

It is important to be strategic in your content, however, because topics picked at random, are likely to be a waste of your precious time and money. Planning great content is very important. For your content to be effective in attracting the right traffic to your HVAC company website, it must be focused on the needs of your customers.

HVAC companies must be very careful in planning their content. Although the frequency of publishing and the chosen topic is important, what matters even more is publishing informative, relevant content in order to attract the kind of qualified traffic that turns into loyal customers.

Offer your potential customers different ways to to consume your content

It is very true that well-thought-out, informative written content is the “foundation” of any digital marketing plan, it is not the only means of conveying your message to your audience. Your prospective customers have a vast range of learning styles and appealing to their diversity by creating an approachable, comfortable environment to discover more about your HVAC services will result in more success for your business.

Providing several mediums will allow your potential customers to engage with your content in a way that they feel most comfortable. You can offer your potential customers different ways of learning about their next steps, and make sure your content is easily consumable.

Some people will read an entire blog post from beginning to end. Some will quickly skim for the information wanted. Some people are not fans of reading much at all, so videos, infographics, and podcasts can be ways to appeal to more visual or auditory learners.

Videos can help your potential customers understand your personality while it communicates the values shared by your HVAC company. As the saying goes, “People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care.” Showcasing videos can make the development of connections between your HVAC business and prospective customers easier while shedding light on your business’s expertise and character.

Different content options allows you to connect with your prospective customers in methods that are meaningful and comfortable to them.

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