SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of improving where a website ranks in search engine results. Effective SEO operations not only attract more prospective clients to your website, it also increases revenue and organic traffic and revenue.

Search engine optimization helps with lead generation making your company’s website more visible. Well-planned and carefully executed SEO can move your website on the front page of search engine results, which makes it more likely to be clicked on by searchers. By showing your web users exactly what your company’s website has to offer, SEO has the ability to attract a wider audience, creating more leads.

Lead Generation Through SEO

There are several methods for using search engines to generate leads. Here is how our talented team works with each:

Organic Search Results


We make sure we use keywords that will aim for low competition and high search volumes. This means finding a balance of keywords that are often queried and yet do not have a lot of results on SERPs. We generate keywords that address the fundamental questions and concerns customers search for solutions to online—a tactic that results in higher rankings on SERPs and a lower bounce rate.

Write With Your Audience In Mind

Our team also optimizes for user intent with smart content, which is intelligently personalized to your customers’ needs. This approach ensures that your site organically directs people through key stages of buying decisions from researching to shopping, and, ultimately, purchasing. One of the ways we do this is by incorporating strong Calls to Action (CTAs) that help guide customers to complete transactions, whether through referrals or online sales.

At AdInfusion, we will develop an in-depth understanding of your ideal buyer persona, ensuring the content we publish is both segmented and targeted to the needs of your existing and potential clients. We never engage in “black hat” SEO procedures like keyword stuffing, to make sure your company’s website is not violating search engine’s best practices, nor will be penalized.

Social Media and Blog Articles

We consistently publish unique, engaging content your blogs and social media channels, since this is a wonderful way of interacting with potential customers and generating organic search results. You can give your company’s website more authority by taking advantage of these inbound marketing techniques. Social media can be a tool to establish a community around your brand and get that community talking about you, while blogs are better suited for keyword-rich content with backlinks throughout your website.

Strategic Link Building

Developing symbiotic relationships with high-authority websites and setting up inbound links passes on “link juice” to your business’s website. Our exceptional team has qualified content composers knowledgeable in your industry that will publish high-quality copy on third-party sites. With natural linking, which is when sites link to yours without a specific action, we can cultivate a diversified link profile and begin creating and publishing content that leads back to your web address in the end.

A second useful resource that we utilize for building links is HARO. By providing expert knowledge in your industry to a popular media and news outlet, we can ensure that visitors will be organically guided back to your website, and your business.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising enables you to pay for web traffic using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platforms provided by search engines. This allows your ads to be displayed in the sponsored results section of a search engine’s results page. The amount you pay is based on how much competition there is for your chosen keyword at the time a viewer clicks through from your ad to your website. With our experienced PPC team, AdInfusion uses years of insight and experience into paid search trends to guarantee the best results, using these methods:

Keyword Research

Similar to the “Organic Search Results” section, we perform extensive keyword research to determine the search terms with highest search volume, and the least competition to make certain your website gets returned most often. These keywords are the fundamentals well-balanced PPC campaigns, as appropriate use of them results in ads that appear often without escalating costs. We re-evaluate and redo our research monthly, so we can track how each keyword is performing, and make the needed changes to your campaign to keep it generating revenue and attracting visitors to your company’s website.

Ad Quality and Placement

Our talented team is adept at creating ad copy that incorporates clear, strong, CTAs as well as targeted keywords or phrases, which will be shown in bolded font when returned on a SERP. This not only makes your ads stand out, but confirms that your site’s content is relevant for searchers.

Display advertising is formatted to attract and catch the attention of search engine users, attention, encouraging them to click on your link and get more information about your services or products. We receive regular and frequent updates from your display advertisements and track the number of clicks on your ad. Using this information, we’ll assess whether an ad is effective and tailor accordingly with your business’s growth.

Better Bidding Techniques

There are numerous tactics to achieve the highest conversion rates and lowest Cost Per Click (CPC), and determining the best approach can be tricky. However, our team is experienced with all facets of pay-per-click advertising. With our skills and experience, we have no doubt we can develop and execute a strategy that is custom-made for your individual business, and will lead to more conversions and revenue.

Locations and Methods

We assess both your audience and your content to distinguish which sites have the most suitable advertising platforms for your business. Using that information, our team selects the best method for marketing your business, such as a display advertisement versus a text ad.

Appropriate Landing Pages

We design and build effective landing pages that mirror the keywords and phrases used in your PPC campaigns. Repeating the same key phrases and language reassures your potential customers that they are using the correct company’s website, and it maintains consistent branding. This also helps Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), especially when the landing pages are strategically linked to other parts or pages of your site.

Dedicated To Your Results

AdInfusion has a talented team adept and experienced with SEO and PPC that will manage your campaigns effectively for you. By incorporating these efforts, we’re able to provide measurable results quickly, and consistently, for the lifetime of your business.

Helping You Turn Leads Into Sales

Search engine optimization is not an effective lead generating strategy on its own. As the initial lead funnel that attracts traffic, SEO works in harmony with all other aspects of your digital marketing plan to cultivate trust and growth within your company. Customer Service, website quality, and content are components that can be used to catch a potential customer’s attention. AdInfusion has the skills to help you transition your SEO-generated web traffic into actual leads—and then convert those leads into sales.