Just like most other areas of digital technology, search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the past decade, and still continues to. It wasn’t that long ago when you could simply cram a bunch of keywords into your web content to get it ranking, but those days are gone.

Search engines today use incredibly complicated algorithms to ensure only high-relevance and quality content rises to the top of the SERPs. For SEO tactics to be truly effective the focus has to be on creating superior content, with no exceptions.

The Times Are Changing

Similar to any other company, Google’s main objective is making money, and its does that by providing services that people want to use. It is no fluke that Google has become the most popular search engine in the world, it is a direct result of the quality and relevance of results returned to its users when they initiate a search.

In order to maintain this superior level of quality, Google must filter out websites that use manipulative or black hat SEO gimmicks. Nowadays, it is incredibly difficult to “fool” a search engine, and the most successful SEO agencies know this and embrace it.

Today’s SEO Methods Benefit Everyone

To be honest, the increasing demand for high-quality, relevant, unique content benefits everyone. No one want to have to sift through a pile of hay to find the needle, and no one wants to dig through a pile of irrelevant articles to find the one tidbit of information they are looking for.

The most successful SEO companies embrace the fact that consistently publishing relevant, high-quality content is the most effective way to increase search engine rankings. So if your company’s website is not showing up on the front page, you may need to reevaluate your tactics.

What Is Quality Content?

While the definition of “quality content” is always being debated, there are actually some specific attributes a piece of content is judged on. Firstly, content must be relevant and specific. Articles that are vague or stuffed with keywords simply don’t cut it anymore. Ideally, your content should be created by someone experienced in the field or has done thorough research beforehand. I guarantee search engines and visitors alike can spot the difference.

Second, your content should be unique. Not only is plagiarizing wrong on an ethical level, it can also be a quick route to the bottom of the SERP pile. A search engine can identify the difference between fresh, original content, and a shoddy rewrite, so investing in talented, experienced writers is crucial. Not only will your website visitors appreciate compelling original content, but consistently publishing it will keep your website ranking too.

Finally, your content should be written by an actual writer. It must be grammatically correct, with no typos, spelling, or punctuation errors, in addition to being easy and enjoyable to read. There are many factors that make up a quality piece of content, and having the appropriate voice and tone for each article is imperative.

For example, hiring a food writer to compose a technical piece will probably not be very successful. Your best bet is to hire a versatile writer who is proficient at publishing thoroughly researched content.

Backlinks – Quality Over Quantity

Not too long ago generating as many backlinks as possible was actually an effective way to boost search engine rankings, but similar to “keyword stuffing,” tactics like this are now ineffective, and may actually have a negative impact on your website’s rankings.

Competent SEO firms realize that one high-quality back link is better than a dozen flimsy ones. Building an effective website with exclusively white hat SEO methods requires you focus on enhancing the quality of every facet of your website, particularly your links.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

It is clear that content is king when it comes to SEO, but there are still some techniques that can take your superior content and elevate it even it further. Generally speaking, it is not enough to simply publish unique, relevant content and wait for your rankings to climb.

An SEO specialist knows tactics that work naturally within the best practices to generate positive results for your campaign. The experts always utilize a multitiered approach, creating the types of content people are eager to see, while also using organic SEO methods to give that content a chance to shine.

Your Content Reflects Your Company

There is no question that the quality of the content on your company website impacts your search engine rankings, it’s important to remember that it is also a reflection of your business. Your website’s content is an opportunity to develop and build a relationship with prospective customers, and that relationship should be build on trust. Most people today can see through these primitive SEO tactics, and what benefit is there to high each engine rankings if people leave your website the moment they realize they’ve been had?

Create and publish content that potential customers will actually want to read. Help them. Don’t forget, SEO is not just about getting someone to land on your website – it’s getting them to stay and engage with you.

Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

Additionally, it’s not enough to build a website, cram it full of good content, and sit back and wait for traffic to roll through. Even if you do get traffic, how likely is it that they will return if your company’s website hasn’t been updated in a year? Probably not very. Consistency is as important as quality when it comes to publishing content.

A good website is constantly growing and evolving, so visitors want to keep coming back to see what’s new. If you feel like your website has gotten a bit stagnant, hiring a talented writer can breathe some life back into it. Stale websites fall down the rankings quickly, so its imperative to add quality content regularly to keep up.

Hire a Professional

The wonderful thing about SEO is that you can tell when its working and when it isn’t. If you’re considering hiring an SEO specialist or marketing company, search for their client’s websites or related fields. The results should be obvious. If creating content that is relevant, unique, and well-written is not at the core of their SEO strategy, look somewhere else.

The most successful SEO agencies are constantly updating their approach, so be sure to hire a company that is willing to adapt as necessary.

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