Are you an accountant who is losing sleep about how your accounting firm site ranks on Google? Focusing too much on your accounting firm rankings could keep you up at night.

Research has shown that most of our anxieties are rooted in fear – as opposed to things that exist in reality. While increasing your rankings on Google is important to the success of your business, top rankings on google for accountants are not the only factor that impacts your firm’s ability to reach new clients on the work wide web.

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So, if you aren’t supposed to obsess over accounting firm rankings, then what can you do to attract the right web traffic to your accounting firm’s website?

A very effective approach includes the development and publication of high-quality, relevant content.

Not only will content that is informational and superior in quality will attract new clients for your firm, and will bring the appropriate type of web traffic to your accounting firm’s website. The objective of the content you write is to aid the potential client, by providing informational and relevant content.

Relevant content helps potential client in countless ways from making educated decisions to identifying solutions for their issues to helping them decide to call your accounting firm! A blog post rich in quality that attracts qualified potential clients to your firm can encourage interest in your firm’s offered services even long after the content has been published.

Here is how you can work towards developing a manageable, successful online presence for your accounting firm, and end those sleepless nights over search engine rankings once and for all.

How Does Content Impact Rankings for Accounting Firms?

Writing Informative Accounting Blog Posts for Your Potential Clients

You can dramatically increase accounting firm website rankings by producing blog content that is informational for existing and prospective clients alike. When you think about how your prospective clients actually conduct a search, the importance of composing useful, high-quality content becomes crystal clear.

People use search engines for countless reasons, like finding a restaurant, or theater. It may be surprising to learn that the majority of people who initiate a search online, do so with the goal of conducting research.  Your potential clients will be taking advantage of the search engines to find out more information about how to prepare taxes or manage financial records.

Back in the pioneering days of search engines, a query was typically a simple keyword or phrase, like “California Accountants.” Today, potential clients are much more savvy in their searches than in the past. Now, in most cases, people prefer asking a search engine a question instead of a real person.

When a  potential client initiates a search, the search engine will display what is most relevant to the queries from its index of websites and pages. (70 percent of Google searches are unique and have never been asked before. And results rankings and pages are just as unique as the questions being asked.)

Content that is comprehensive, specific, and relevant to a particular issue can educate clients in making decisions and address their concerns.

Google will not rank low-quality content very highly because users need to be able to access the right information to make informed choices. Google’s primary function is offering the optimized search results for its users. Google’s power to do this so successfully has allowed to dominate the search engine market.

Your accounting firm ranks in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when they contain quality, informative content that is relevant to the query. Your potential clients can use this to make more informed decisions about what their next steps are and how your firm can assist them.

What you your consider to be valuable content, may not be as valuable to a prospective client. Make sure to write content that is relevant to and targeting the qualified clients. Many accountants discover that creating potential client personas is helpful to be targeted in your writing, so you attract the appropriate traffic.

Accounting Blog Posts Should Answer the Question Potential Clients Ask

The best way of coming up with content topic ideas is by using your clients as sources.

Every time you encounter a client, you have the chance to generate creative ideas and topics for content. Your potential and existing clients are constantly asking questions and seeking information. Most likely, there is a prospective client online at this very moment searching for an answer to a payroll management question.

By reviewing the questions your potential clients commonly have, you can create even more questions that a potential client might be asking. Each question is a possible blog post that lis full of and relevant helpful information. Are there common questions that clients ask? They may not have posed the question yet, but that does not mean that the client will not find your content helpful. Write a blog article on it.

Offering high-quality content is one of the most successful ways to market your accounting firm online. But accountants should be extra cautious. Writing about random topics is not going to be of much help. Planning out useful and engaging content is vital. If you write about topics that are intriguing to you (but not your potential clients), you are throwing away opportunities to really connect with new clients for your accounting firm.

Accountants must be deliberate in planning their content. How often you publish and the subject of the content is very important. Your website has a much higher likelihood of attracting qualified, interested traffic if you are focused on producing informative, relevant content and publishing it consistently.

So, do Google ranks matter for accountants? Certainly, but publishing high-quality content on your firm’s website is what will convert visitors into clients.

Give Your Potential Clients Different Ways to Consume Your Content

Creating written content with a lot of planning and deliberation is a great place to start when you’re developing your accounting firm’s website, but it isn’t the only way to deliver information to your audience. Your potential clients will have a variety of learning styles. Develop an approachable, engaging setting for potential clients to explore more about accounting by addressing their needs.

If you provide them with choices, potential clients are going to engage more with your content. You can provide your potential clients with a chance to learn more about how the next steps when you offer them interesting and unique ways to learn, and relevant content to meet their needs.

A few potential clients will read an entire blog article from beginning to end. Others will simply scan accounting firm websites for the information they need. Videos, infographics and podcasts can be very beneficial to auditory or visual learners.

Videos can assist your potential clients learn about your personality, and can communicate the values of your accounting firm. As the saying goes, “People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care.” Publishing videos could make it easier for potential clients feel like they are able to connect with your firm. Developing high-quality videos can showcase the character and information of your company.

Varying content formats enable you to connect with potential clients in a method that is impactful, and comfortable to them.

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First page rankings for accounting firms come with increased traffic and revenue for your accounting firm, and b obtain these rankings by frequently publishing high-quality and relevant content.

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